Has your IT cost management relationship become dysfunctional?

Do you feel a simmering resentment towards static and labor-intensive spreadsheets? Or, are you disappointed with rigid and expensive business intelligence tools and homegrown processes?

Why are you putting so much into a relationship and getting so little? It’s time to move on.

Legacy Solutions are no longer working

The cost management processes that have been used since the start of IT are no longer working. Spreadsheets and manual systems are too arduous and time-consuming to create and update, and too difficult to share. Newer business insight tools are helpful, but they are not created for the purpose of managing IT costs, and lack the required flexibility and granularity.

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Could you benefit from a purpose-built IT cost transparency solution?

You have been settling for the familiar. But, is there a better way to approach IT cost management? Take our quiz below to see if it's time for an automated cost transparency solution.

How many of the following apply to you?

  1. Your IT Finance reports lack the fidelity or relevance to empower informed decisions. 
  2. You run only one-off analyses to understand cost impact on technology decisions.
  3. Your IT cost analysis toolset is primarily spreadsheets and "tribal knowledge." 
  4. Disparate data sources and multiple editors complicate your IT cost analysis.
  5. IT cost analysis is so complex that only a few people understand it.
  6. Your IT Finance staff struggles to keep up with demands for reporting and analysis.
  7. Technology decisions take forever because of time-consuming cost analysis.
  8. Cost analysis often takes so long that you give up and make decisions on gut feel.
  9. It's difficult to understand the cause and source of budget variances in IT.
  10. Rising IT costs are a frustrating mystery that’s hard to solve.

Results Analysis

How many applied to you? Diagnosis Next Steps




Your IT cost management solution is covering most of your needs, but there is still room for improvement.

As you think about the future, your current solution will likely no longer meet your needs as your IT infrastructure becomes more complex. 


Learn the essential IT financial metrics that help you make better decisions and communicate the business value of IT.

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You are ready for an IT cost management solution makeover.

It is time to automate and streamline your processes.


Learn how to standardize and automate a functional view of IT costs, and communicate the value of IT with a cost transparency solution.

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You are in need of a major IT cost management upgrade. 


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