We enjoyed reading this ComputerWorld article: “Should you buy enterprise applications from a startup?” The article states that while traditionally some IT leaders have thought it risky to buy software from startups, a growing number of IT executives are now readily making this move. 

Even though we’re a seven year old company, we’re still young enough that some people think of us as a startup. Here are some reasons the article finds that buying software from a startup is a good idea.

The author of the piece spoke to a variety of global IT leaders to discover the advantages of buying enterprise applications from an agile and new company, and what companies can do to manage the risk.

"The model we've used to buy on-premises software for 20-plus years is shifting," Chris Laping, CIO of restaurant chain Red Robin, told ComputerWorld."There are new ways of selecting and vetting partners."

Are you currently buying enterprise applications from a startup? Why or why not?