Kartik Nagappa - May 20, 2019

Scorecards: Assess Your Teams’ Cloud Efficiency

With Cloudability's Scorecards, you can track your teams' cloud cost efficiency against each other — and against external benchmarks.

How well is your business doing in the cloud? You can only answer this question with clear metrics that are easily understood by all stakeholders in your company.

With the cloud generating petabytes of usage and performance data each day, it’s extremely challenging to define:

  • What the right metrics are
  • What fully optimized looks like
  • How an organization compares to its peers

Cloud practitioners and stakeholders need the ability to know if they are using the cloud efficiently in order to focus on the most important priorities while continuously improving. Using the right benchmark metrics builds confidence in an organization as they see the positive results of making data-driven tactical and strategic adjustments.

You might be surprised by how often companies that move to the cloud don’t immediately realize the savings they had hoped for when embarking on the journey. When this happens, leadership groups need to be able to understand how efficiently their teams are managing their cloud apps, then react quickly to stay within budget and still deliver on time. This is where Scorecards comes in. Scorecards gives users the ability to know their strengths and identify where improvements can be made.

Scorecards is a new feature in the Cloudability platform that allows organizations to benchmark the efficiency of their cloud against peers and across teams. The Scorecards overall score combines individual scores for pricing, elasticity and rightsizing. Scorecards help organizations prioritize their optimization efforts and track their cloud journey progress. Scores are backed by data science and applied to rich cohort data gathered over a period of seven years and $9B of cloud spend under management.

Benchmark against your peers

How optimized should your cloud be? Is 70% rightsized good or bad? There is no absolute answer — a lot depends on your company’s cloud strategy. But knowing where you stand compared to other companies will inform that strategy. Scorecards does exactly that — it gives you the context to know how well you are doing and track your cloud journey

Prioritize your optimizations

In addition to the overall score, individual scores for Pricing, Elasticity and Rightsizing break down your efficiency into specific, actionable areas while also delivering insights into how you compare against your peers.

Compare teams

Scorecards also shows how your internal teams compare in terms of optimization and spend. This helps you easily identify how well your teams are performing, which teams may need help, and in which areas they specifically need help.

Detailed breakdown

To help teams prioritize efforts, Scorecards provides additional detail on how each team is doing across each of the scoring categories.

Confidence and speed

IT Ops and DevOps teams now have a way to show in measurable and understandable terms how well the organization is doing. FinOps and business leaders can rely on our data science-backed metrics to gauge the effectiveness of their cloud investments — and prioritize future investments and innovation without sacrificing velocity.


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