According to a recent Apptio survey of more than 120 senior IT professionals, only 22 percent of respondents are able to accurately budget and forecast IT service demand costs. In addition, only 36 percent of surveyed IT leaders are confident that their budgets align to business priorities. Yet 68 percent of IT leaders believe that delivering value to the business is their highest priority for 2017. This fundamental breakdown in the way businesses consume technology and how IT organizations plan for it is central to the challenges facing most IT leaders today.


IT planning bridges that gap

Apptio IT Planning can help you make the most of the opportunities those trends represent. Apptio has a history of introducing exciting new products at TBM Conferences. In 2014, we introduced IT Planning Foundation and the year after that, in 2015, we launched a new set of capabilities we called Resource Planning.

At TBM Conference 2016, we announced two exciting new applications to round out the IT Planning Foundation family of products—Apptio Project Financial Planning and Apptio Services Demand Planning. These applications extend the capabilities of Apptio IT Planning Foundation and enable IT leaders to align investments in IT projects and services with business demand. Together, these capabilities give a holistic, multi-year view of run and grow investments so IT leaders can identify the most effective way to meet business needs.

One of the primary challenges we face in IT financial planning is creating a single view of our investments across resources, services, and innovation. Today, for instance, we can’t provide a combined view of operational and investment costs for both projects and services. Stephanie Rendon Director of Finance, Information Management at CHRISTUS Health

Apptio Project Financial Planning enables IT to proactively manage the full lifecycle of project costs, with visibility into project build and run costs to understand the impact of projects over time on the operational budget. Apptio Service Demand Planning enables IT to create demand-driven budgets, forecast service costs for predictable IT charges, and drive P&L ownership for IT services. The IT Planning product portfolio empowers IT leaders to holistically manage IT investments, analyzing the impact of trade-offs between run and grow, and aligning IT spend with business objectives.


“Budgeting and planning can be viewed as just a tactical, time-consuming exercise,” said Ted Kummert, EVP of Engineering at Apptio. “These new applications raise planning to a strategic level where IT leaders can actively manage their portfolio of investments, making decisions about the mix of run vs. grow and engaging with leaders across the business to align investments with business needs.”

“We get tremendous value from IT Planning Foundation today by automating resource budgets and forecasts. We are blown away by the planning capabilities coming next. Projects and services are central to how we run our budgets, so we are eager to use the new apps to improve how we allocate resources and show planned capital and operational costs to the business,” said Rendon.

Download the IT Planning Family datasheet to learn how to align your IT budgets to business priorities.