Why do IT leaders have a hard time demonstrating the value of what they do? Partly it’s because IT folks don’t naturally speak the same language as business leaders. Instead of talking profit and loss, IT people talk data (at the practitioner level) and systems (at the oversight level). Those concepts are important, but they create language barriers that can keep your work from getting recognized as important and urgent.

At Apptio, our whole reason for being is to change that stale dynamic. We were founded and exist to help you prove the value and potential of what you do to people who live by cost and revenue. That’s what we do every day.

Businesses no longer just run on IT—they win on IT. There are no true “non-technology“ enterprises anymore. Technology trends such as social, mobile, analytics, cloud and the Internet of Things are transforming the way staid, traditional companies fundamentally interact with customers, partners and suppliers.

Instead of just running systems, IT leaders are exposing and highlighting valuable data that’s hidden and disconnected and turning it into profits, innovation, and key decisions. IT professionals are using the principles of Technology Business Management to shift IT’s role from technology operator and cost center to service provider and value creator. Empowered with facts to manage the business of IT, technology leaders are translating IT cost into business language.  Planning more confidently.  Optimizing resources for business efficiency and agility. And transforming their organizations and IT’s relationship with the business. They are saving their companies billions of dollars, igniting the adoption of disruptive platforms, making enterprises more agile in acquiring and merging new businesses, and more. Here’s how central IT is to business now: Worldwide IT spending in 2015 was estimated at $3.8 trillion.

The data-rich are no longer influence-poor. Your responsibilities as IT leader are inevitably shifting to a more strategic role. IT is so central to business that it’s no longer a surprise to see an IT leader tapped to be the next CEO or other C-suite executive.

Meet the new boss: you!

Over the next few months, we’ll roll out a new advertising campaign that shows how TBM with Apptio can help you gain and communicate insights that can pull you out from behind that spreadsheet and put you in a swanky corner office. We’ll showcase the stories of IT leaders who’ve been empowered by TBM to create new value for their business and propel their personal careers forward. Apptio creates a new boss every day. Stay tuned for an eye-opening, entertaining, top-floor look at the future of IT.

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