New Apptio IT Economics Report: 3 Key Takeaways

Almost five years ago, when I was interviewing for my current role as CMO, I told our CEO Sunny Gupta there was one thing I wanted to see the company achieve: a data report aggregating the technology spending data flowing through Apptio. Today, that report is finally here and I am proud to share Apptio’s IT Economics Report with you.

I encourage you to read the full report for complete findings. 

The included data points are unique for a few reasons. Namely, the conclusions featured in the report are based on an analysis of actual IT spending in the enterprise rather than through an industry-wide survey. Here’s why this is important: of the more than $150 billion contracted to flow through Apptio’s platform, we found three common resourcing strategies. These patterns, or archetypes, each represent companies with atypically high investment emphasis on one of the following IT resources: people, vendors, or technology.

Analysis Only Apptio Can Provide

In a market filled with anecdotal, assumptive data, we’re finally able to analyze and understand how CIOs are allocating their budget. Today's report represents the future of market-level spend analysis that only Apptio can provide. Apptio was able to normalize its data and retrieve these insights due to its industry-standard cost model – the Apptio TBM Unified Model (ATUM). Because our customers rely on this standard model for their monthly cost analytics, Apptio was able to compare IT spend from the sampled customers to uncover the patterns included in the report.

The key takeaways of the IT Economics Report include:

  • Forward-thinking IT leaders manage their IT business with detailed financial views for supply, demand and consumption
  • Standardization enables a new approach to IT industry spend analytics based on actual costs
  • IT leaders can use standard IT cost analytics to frequently compare their actual costs to peers and industry averages

What's Next

All of this is just a taste of what's possible by analyzing the rich repository of IT spend data that Apptio customers calculate on a monthly basis. We’ll continue providing visibility into new facets of IT spend patterns on a quarterly basis – stay tuned here for more!


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