A few years ago, we brought together CIOs from some of our early adopter customers to provide guidance to new customers who were just starting on their Technology Business Management journey. What started initially as a user group for our CIO community quickly grew into the CIO TBM Council.

Over the course of the past few years, Apptio has hosted 10 events and with each one, we realized that TBM was not just a category of software but also becoming something of a movement. We also recognized that the individuals who were driving the adoption of TBM were eager to share their learnings and best practices with their professional peers. 

Today marks a new chapter in the evolution of TBM. We’re very excited to announce that the Technology Business Management Council has been formally launched as separate non-profit organization. This is significant for a number of reasons. First, we believe that TBM is larger than Apptio or any one vendor. It's also more than just a set of technologies. TBM has emerged as a true business discipline and as such, it is constantly growing and evolving. For this reason, we came to the conclusion that by reconstituting the TBM Council as a separate non-profit organization, we would be able to ensure that information would be able to flow more freely between members. Second, we understood that a non-profit entity would be a more ideal structure for the transfer of knowledge -- not just between the members themselves -- but also out to the market in general.

To guide the Council moving forward, we are also excited to announce the appointment of 12 highly innovative CIOs who will be instrumental in setting the agenda and driving this discussion forward. Some of these individuals include:

  • Rebecca Jacoby, Cisco Systems (TBM Council Co-Chair)
  • Larry Godec, First American (TBM Council Co-Chair)
  • Tom Murphy, AmerisourceBergen (former CIO)
  • Robert Webb, Hilton Worldwide (former CIO)
  • Mike Benson, DIRECTV
  • Tim Campos, Facebook
  • Carol Zierhoffer, Xerox
  • Greg Morrison, Cox Enterprises
  • Erez Yarkoni, T-Mobile
  • Jim Scholefield, The Coca-Cola Company
  • Ralph Loura, The Clorox Company

As part of this process, the TBM Council Board has also drafted and published a new mission statement that crystallizes this collective vision:

The mission of the Council is to serve equally our members and our profession by defining a technology business model that creates and sustains business value by balancing the supply of and demand for technology services. The Council’s objectives are to publish a generally accepted body of knowledge and create industry-specific guidelines to facilitate benchmarking against and adoption of TBM practices.

We're excited about the potential that this Council represents and we hope you will join us in helping us turn this vision into reality. Visit the Council's new website to learn more at www.tbmcouncil.org.