Five years ago, we began our journey with a single question for CIOs: what is the biggest obstacle to your success for which there is no ready solution? The answer surprised us. It was not a technology problem, a compliance issue, a skills shortage, or even the impact of cloud computing. Instead, these CIOs told us they needed a better way to manage their technology investments.

At first, we thought this was a cost problem. After all, many CIOs were facing smaller budgets or out-of-control spending. Most companies were still struggling to grow or regain profitability after the long recession. Cutting costs seemed to make sense.

But this was wrong. It was not about cost cutting, it was about innovating. The problem with a smaller budget is not that you must spend less, it’s that you have less to spend on helping grow revenues, compete better, and improve agility. Time and again, thought-leading CIOs told us that their success, and their passion, lies with being an innovator. And their businesses depend on innovation to break through to the next level.

So for five years we’ve focused on this problem, developing Technology Business Management solutions by working with these innovative CIOs and many others. We’ve grown to more than 125 customers representing every major industry. We’ve worked with customers like Bank of America, Cisco, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, JPMorgan Chase, BP, DIRECTV, State of Washington, Target, University of Michigan, and many more household name companies. With each one, we’ve learned more about how to invest in innovation and improve agility without sacrificing needed quality. Then we codified this knowledge back into our products. 

This has changed who we are. So today we launched our branding, a change that is no doubt obvious to those of you who already know us. Like any effective rebranding, ours reflects both serious introspection and debate. But more importantly, it is the result of continuously collaborating with our customers about how we help them succeed. 

I’ll let the work speak for itself. Simply watch the video to get a better feel for the thinking that went into it. Let us know what you think.