Our new white paper 9 Data Concerns That Can Needlessly Delay Your TBM Journey addresses common data concerns raised by IT organizations considering embarking on a journey to gain IT cost insight. Our nine-part blog series will delve into each concern separately and how to overcome it. Download the whole paper here.

Data quality concerns often hold back technology leaders from the cost insights they need in order to better manage the business of IT. But this need not be the case! In reality, technology leaders can get the insights they need with the data they have today – in its current state.

You may be facing the same data readiness concerns, including working with incomplete or dirty data, a General Ledger that lacks granularity, or getting labor data without a time-tracking system. 

Apptio’s Technology Business Management (TBM) applications can help you extract the insights you need from the data you already have.

What to do if Your Data isn’t Ready or Incomplete

We know your data is not ready – that it is imperfect and incomplete. Most of your data is stored in different formats and doesn’t line up across disparate systems. You probably have unstructured data where important information is stored in free-form text fields that vary by system and user. 

This emerges as the top concern among those wanting to manage IT like a business. It’s also a common concern of every Apptio customer before they get started. 

But Apptio customers succeed because our platform was built precisely to address this problem head-on, with built-in transforms, automated data relationship discovery, and the ability to fill data gaps via formulas, helper data, or temporary assumptions.

Apptio’s proactive approach helps drive initiatives to improve data quality because it exposes precise costs associated with poor quality data. For many customers, Apptio and TBM become the motivating factors that finally put data remediation projects into high gear.


A typical roadmap for instituting data stewardship through TBM

Why Wait When You Don’t Have To? 

Apptio’s suite of TBM applications has built-in facilities for cleaning and refining raw customer data. Our approach ensures that imperfect data doesn’t hold you back from getting the insight you need. Now.

Download the free white paper here to learn more.