Incorporating data into everyday processes is critical for making informed decisions and setting direction for an organization.

Companies that use data and analytics in decision-making saw a 5-6% improvement in productivity and profitability, according to this MIT research. Data-driven decision-making enables firms to outperform competitors. 

How can you create a data-driven culture within the Office of the CIO?  

Creating a Data-driven Culture with TBM

By adopting the principles of Technology Business Management (TBM), IT leaders can transform their organizations from intuition-centered to data-driven. Apptio’s suite of TBM applications enables IT leaders to manage the business of IT by providing automated transparency into the cost of IT services, leading to faster, better decisions and tighter alignment with business unit leaders.

Are you ready to improve your IT cost visibility, but concerned that your data needs an overhaul before you can extract value?

The Fear of Imperfect Data

By now, you’ve learned about Technology Business Management (TBM) and you know about Apptio’s suite of TBM applications that automate IT cost analytics. You get the concepts and would love the benefits, but are not sure it can work for you because of problems with your data.

You have probably embarked on other initiatives that make lofty claims only to find that the “reality on the ground” makes achieving those claims a practical impossibility. For TBM, most hesitations stem from the reasonable, but mistaken belief that TBM is impossible without “clean” data.

Putting Your Existing Data to Work

These hesitations may apply to legacy solutions, but Apptio is different. When we created our suite of TBM applications, we built in facilities for cleaning and refining raw customer data. As a result, there’s no need to let imperfect data bog down your adoption of TBM.

Apptio’s TBM applications are built around the expectation of imperfect data, so there is no reason to wait until you’ve improved your data. 

 Apptio SaaS Platform

 Figure 1: The Apptio platform is optimized for ingesting, refining, and analyzing raw source data

“The worse your data is, the more value you’re going to get out of doing TBM,” Lance Warner, Senior Architect and Director of IT Infrastructure, First American.

Addressing 9 Common Data Quality Concerns

Our newly released white paper explores nine common data quality concerns and explains how Apptio addresses each one so that you can start on TBM without unnecessary delay. 

Even better, we’ll show how Apptio enables your organization to effect improvements in data and operations systems that would likely never have been achieved without the compelling driver of TBM.

Read “Your Data is Better Than You Think: 9 Data Concerns That Can Needlessly Delay Your TBM Journey” to learn more.