More than 1,000 IT and finance leaders gathered last night to celebrate six outstanding IT organizations. Congratulations to CHRISTUS Health, ExxonMobil, FedEx, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, KeyBank, and Royal Bank of Scotland, all recognized for outstanding achievements in IT leadership and innovation! The 2016 TBM Council Awards were presented during a gala at San Diego's Hilton Bayfront, host of the fourth annual TBM Conference. 

What a deserving group of IT professionals! Competition was fierce as finalists shared stories of empowerment and innovation that truly embody TBM best practices. Though they represent diverse organizations, all shared a similar desire to use data more effectively—to plan, optimize, transform, and ultimately drive business investment and innovation.

Here are the winners:

RBS Award Image

Business Innovation Award: Royal Bank of Scotland

Savvy IT leaders disrupt the status quo with new capabilities, services, and business models to win, serve, and retain customers. Not only did the IT team shake things up at Royal Bank of Scotland—embracing a TBM strategy that resulted in a 20% reduction in costs—today the team is using TBM to crowdsource innovative solutions in key areas of opportunity, leveraging enterprise-wide reach to make a real difference to the business.


HPE Award Winner

 IT Optimization Award: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Optimization can feel like building a plane while you’re flying it, requiring a specific combination of Superman-like skill and bravado. Hewlett Packard Enterprise has this in spades. Using TBM to identify new opportunities, they’re removing data centers, repurposing unused storage capacity, and retiring legacy systems. Not only is the plane still flying (and in the cloud), HPE is achieving new efficiencies and is on track for more than $300 million in savings over a three-year plan.


FedEx Award Image

IT Services Transformation Award: FedEx

Try evolving when you’re busy trying to absorb and manage a far-flung network of operational silos—think airlines, trucking companies, retail, and more. FedEx used cost transparency and TBM-related analysis to play catch up, leveraging visibility into the IT budget to track how IT spend translated into business performance. From there, the team was able to transform decades-old legacy assets, reinvesting their gains in solutions that support cloud, e-commerce, and other new ways to work with customers.


Christus Award Image

Strategy and Planning Excellence Award: CHRISTUS Health

IT planning can feel like straddling the Grand Canyon. On one side, there’s the long-term impact of your IT investments. On the other, there’s demand for agility to capitalize on new opportunities. CHRISTUS Health bridged this divide with TBM, addressing both cost control mandates and demand for new technologies that improve patient care by identifying cost levers that drive new C-level conversations about consumption. In the process, they were able to tie growth in application spend to increased demand for resources, proving it’s all about the plan (and not headcount reduction). Today, CHRISTUS Health can link budgets back to corporate business initiatives, transforming the budget approval process.


Keybank award image

CFO of IT Excellence Award: KeyBank

More, faster, cheaper: none of this works without a strong financial leader to steward technology spending and investment. In fact, without this key partnership between IT and Finance, driving an IT financial strategy and capability that matches IT demand can seem like an impossible goal. Kim Manigault, EVP and CFO, Technology and Operations at KeyBank, focuses on partnership, using TBM to create common business goals that leverage a common language. All of which has elevated the relationship between Finance, IT, and business units at KeyBank and led to better business outcomes.


ExxonMobil Award Image

TBM Business Leadership Award: ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil’s VP of IT has skin in the game. That’s because you don’t make the varsity team until you become a strategic partner to the enterprise, taking on additional responsibilities to make a bigger impact on decision-making. To step up Exxon’s IT game, Mike Brown and his team focused on proving the TCO of IT services to the business, even though the data wasn’t perfect and winning over the executive team wasn’t easy. By applying TBM with other IT modernization initiatives, Brown’s group managed to knock a few curveballs out of the park, starting with app rationalization, service transformation, and a better lens for evaluating investments that leverage technology. Today the team gets invited to help other groups with business process redesign and other initiatives. Hello big league.

Congratulations to 2016’s TBM Council Award finalists and winners!

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