The Cloudability Team - August 27, 2019

CloudyCon Mainstage Speaker Spotlight Part 2

Check out part two of our CloudyCon Keynote spotlight!

At CloudyCon, we have a full line-up of speakers who will share from their own experience implementing FinOps. Along with the speakers highlighted in Part 1, you’ll hear from engineers, cloud service providers and industry executives, all with a solid track record of adopting processes to optimize the use of cloud.

Franklin Hanson, USA Today

As the USA Today Network’s Director of Platform Engineering, Franklin oversaw and assembled (and continues to manage) the team that built an internal cloud platform supporting more than 30 development teams. Franklin has transformed the organization by introducing new technologies, a strong collaborative culture and a high velocity mindset that uses cloud and DevOps to deliver business value.

In his talk, Franklin will show how the USA Today Network leverages cost visibility to advise architecture decisions. Individual ownership has increased as we bring stakeholders to a better understanding of their financial impact, allowing teams to make the best choices for their applications. You’ll learn how applying the right FinOps guardrails will enable your teams to make architecture decisions that align to your cloud strategy.

Keith Jarrett, AWS

As AWS’ Global Lead of Cloud Financial Management, Keith works with AWS customers to shape their IT strategies and quantify the financial benefits of migrating applications to the cloud. Collectively, he and his team have saved customers tens of millions of dollars. His areas of expertise include total cost of ownership (TCO), cost optimization and containment, cloud pricing, and competitive intelligence. Before joining the AWS team in 2014, Keith held a Senior Manager role at Grant Thorton, where he helped clients develop business cases for the cloud.

Keith will join a group of industry peers on stage for a discussion about FinOps and its role in helping companies tackle the challenges of the cloud. He also has a standalone talk about the Principles of FinOps, developed by the FinOp Foundation and features in the upcoming Cloud FinOps book. Keith will go over how these mesh with the AWS Well-Architected Framework — especially the Cost Optimization pillar.

Dean Nelson, Infrastructure Masons

Dean Nelson is the chairman and founder of Infrastructure Masons (IM), a non-profit association of professionals who have driven $150B+ of global technical infrastructure projects. Prior to IM, Dean was the head of Uber Metal, vice president of Global Foundation Services for eBay and Chair of the Technical Infrastructure Workgroup of the TBM Council.

Dean will be sharing his lessons learned and best practices, focusing on how FinOps extends and complements TBM. By integrating FinOps into the TBM model, companies can tie cloud and legacy (hybrid) services back to key metrics essential for informed business decisions. This session will provide insights on how FinOps professionals can more effectively speak to IT, Finance and Business teams around the comprehensive TCO and planning of these services.

Jennifer Hays, Fidelity Investments

Jennifer has been spearheading Fidelity’s IT efforts for over 25 years, and has played a major role in their transition from data centers to the cloud. She holds the role of IT Business Management and Strategy, responsible for developing and executing large architecture programs. Her approach is to focus on managing IT operations with sound business principles with the goal of demonstrating IT value through financial transparency, strategic development, and the alignment of IT service delivery and business objectives.

It’s important to note that Fidelity is more than just a financial services company — it’s also a technology company. In her talk, Jennifer’s going to take us along on quick overview of Fidelity’s journey into the cloud, including why they chose to implement FinOps, how they are leveraging the structure of their organization in overcoming the challenges of cultural change, and how they built a successful FinOp practice on an enterprise scale.

No matter your current approach to managing cloud spend, you’re sure to learn something that makes a difference in the company’s bottom line.

There’s still a few spots left for CloudyCon — but they’re going fast, so register today!

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