Gavin Cahill - July 31, 2019

CloudyCon Keynote Speaker Spotlight Part 1

Check out the members of the FinOps Foundation speaking as part of the CloudyCon Keynotes!

The rapid adoption of cloud required a whole new approach to finance, one that pioneer companies were left to figure out on their own. About a year ago, members of Cloudability’s Customer Advisory Board, some of the most advanced cloud users in the world, came together to start codifying their successful actions into FinOps.

Those members joined other industry leaders to form the FinOps Foundation. Today, the membership includes hundreds of FinOps practitioners on the cutting edge of cloud cost management. They’re developing new processes, best practices and methodologies that help companies get the most from their cloud investments.

And in the CloudyCon Keynotes, you’ll have a chance to hear those cutting edge approaches directly from the FinOps experts. Let’s take a look at the FinOps Foundation Founding Members who will be presenting.

Mike Fuller — Atlassian

Why We Need to Bring Financial Accountability to the Cloud

Mike’s worked at Atlassian’s Sydney Australia head office for the past seven years, currently as a Principal Systems Engineer in the Cloud Engineering Team (Cloud Center of Excellence). Mike’s role at Atlassian has him working with most of the AWS Services and assisting teams inside Atlassian to operate with security, high availability and cost efficiency. Mike is on the Board of Directors for the FinOps Foundation and is a co-author of the upcoming book, Cloud FinOps, being published by O’Reilly later this year.

In his talk, he’ll show you why the cloud forces companies to shift their approach to financial accountability. You’ll also see how FinOps increases the business value of cloud by bringing together technology, business and finance professionals with a new set of processes and culture.

Ashley Hromatko — Pearson

Building a Business Case for FinOps

With a background in Infrastructure and Operations, Ashley has been part of the Pearson team for five years. She was a Technical Project Manager when Pearson began their cloud migration and started to lay the groundwork for their cloud migration process. Today she’s the FinOps Manager, spearheading the FinOps efforts at Pearson and helping them move their hundreds of applications and products to the cloud.

In her presentation, she’ll walk us through the process Pearson uses to responsibly migrate those applications. Then she’ll sit down with Mike Fuller of the FinOps Foundation for a more in-depth chat about the hurdles, triumphs and setbacks that went into honing that FinOps process.

Dustin Bowling — Nationwide

How to Drive Accountability with a Modern Allocation Model

Over the last 17 years with Nationwide, Dustin has worked in everything from mainframe data center technologies to cloud-based development — including financial audits and control. Today he works on Cloud Optimization Services, responsible for everything public cloud consumption and the optimization of Nationwide’s cloud spend.

Having successfully made the transition into the cloud himself, Dustin is the perfect person to present on the importance of a modern model that fully allocates costs. He’ll show you how Nationwide’s metrics driven cost optimization approach allows them to hit their key goals for cloud spending and drive allocation to the edges of their team.

Anders Hagman — Spotify

Changing Engineering Culture with Unit Economics

Anders Hagman has worked in IT and technology for almost 20 years. He’s spent the last three at Spotify, where he’s now the Technical Procurement Manager over a fully cloud-native infrastructure. His job is to be the glue between a half dozen different teams and functions to help make sure Spotify is optimizing costs and continuing their rapid innovation at the same time.

A vital part of those efforts is connecting cloud spend to something measurable and tangible. In this talk, Anders will give real-life examples of how he connected cloud spend to tangible, understandable metrics for engineers, and, by doing so, motivated them to create a culture of cloud cost management.

If you’ve ever been surprised by a cloud bill, then these experts will show you how to take charge of your cloud spending.

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