AOL CIO on how data accelerated a cloud-first transformation

If you're working to accelerate a transformation in your IT organization, you've likely found it's the organizational challenges, not the technical ones, holding you back. How do you get IT staff, lines of business leaders, and your C-suite on board when the destination is outside their comfort zone? At AOL, CIO, James LaPlaine, and his team found a little technology business data can go a long way. 

Transparency helps AOL adopt a cloud-first strategy

In How AOL CIO James LaPlaine Uses Data to Accelerate Its Cloud Strategy, James describes how sharing a preliminary cost model with his CFO upfront helped strengthen the model. By involving the CFO early on with a model still rough around the edges, James and his team were able to make the data center cost analysis more accurate and actionable, inspiring a new level of trust with the Board. Overall, transparency has helped AOL change course from increasing investment in captive data centers to adopting a cloud-first strategy—one that enables AOL media properties like Huffington Post and TechCrunch to innovate more quickly and profitably.

In addition to James' perspective on the value of technology business analysis, you’ll hear how Emily Rittenhouse, Director of TBM at AOL  turns raw financial and IT data into actionable insights for the business. She'll also share how she is improving the budgeting and forecasting process.

In this recap, listen in as James and Emily discuss how they were able to:

  • Compare their down compute, storage and application run costs to public cloud alternatives
  • Decide that software development was more cost-effective than faster hardware for its e-mail service
  • Tip a business case in favor of acquiring Microsoft's advertising business
  • Improve processes and data in financial planning

Download the webinar recording or access the case study to hear AOL's story.