Mark Hanson - February 18, 2020

Experts weigh in: How to align resources and reduce risk with TBM in the public sector

According to Gartner, 90% of government CIOs are involved in defining how their organization delivers public value. That value might be defined differently from agency to agency, but it all ties back to optimizing IT costs and aligning spend to an agency’s mission of delivering public services and improving citizen experiences. 

A few years ago, tracking the $4 billion in IT costs across 3 major business lines – much less optimizing those costs – was limited at the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs. Ryan Woodward, Director of Franchise Budget Office at the VA, explains that the agency needed to get better at reporting on cost, determining what the main cost drivers were, and providing transparency out to stakeholders to demonstrate IT value, spend smarter, and fund innovation and modernization.

To combat this challenge of cost transparency and give more structure to IT cost data, the VA adopted Technology Business Management (TBM).

When speaking with Jason Miller of Federal News Network, Woodward said, “We are using TBM to compare our on-premise costs for applications and services to what we are seeing for applications which have migrated to the cloud. We are also using TBM to try to decide which applications need to go to the cloud at all. There are some business rules that you can apply to the selection of the migration of applications that make it most effective, cost-wise, and give you the best return on investment.”

Agencies are adopting TBM throughout government, including the VA, the Federal Reserve, the FBI, and many others. And using Apptio’s TBM solution has been instrumental in realizing the value of IT financial transparency and cost optimization, directing investments to achieve the right business and mission results, and meeting IT modernization objectives.

During this session, you’ll hear Woodward and peers from the FBI and Federal Reserve talk about their experiences.

There were no controls telling them how fast they were going or whether they were almost out of gas, or anything like that. TBM is…a way to improve the data that’s available to our decision makers.” – from our panel speakers

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