Data quality concerns often hold back technology leaders from the cost insights that they need to better manage the business of IT. While rich, accurate data is essential to make strategic decisions, you’re not sure where to begin—or if it’s even possible—given the poor quality of your data. 

In reality, it’s absolutely possible to get the insight you need, with the data you already have today—in its current state.

We address common concerns about data quality in our newly-released white paper: “Your IT Finance Data is Better Than You Think: 9 Data Concerns That Can Needlessly Delay Your TBM Journey.”

This whitepaper explores 9 common data quality concerns, including working with incomplete or dirty data, a General Ledger that lacks granularity, and getting labor data without a time-tracking system. Learn how Apptio addresses each one so that you can get the insight you need without unnecessary delay.

Why Wait When You Don’t Have To?

The hesitation to undertake a cost transparency initiative often stems from the reasonable, but mistaken belief that it’s impossible to undertake without “clean” data. Apptio is different from legacy solutions in this critical respect. 

Apptio’s suite of TBM applications has built-in facilities for cleaning and refining raw customer data. Our approach ensures that imperfect data doesn’t hold you back from getting the insight you need. Now.

Download the free whitepaper here to learn more.