With the rise of digital business as a top priority in 2017, CIOs face pressing questions about IT's digital innovation agenda. In light of this, we rounded up five recent reports and articles from Gartner, Forrester, and other industry leaders to help you address those questions. We hope you enjoy our list and complimentary downloads.

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Unleash your digital predator —Forrester

By: Nigel Fenwick and Ted Schadler

Forrester Digital Business Report

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Report summary:

Today’s customers expect products and services to integrate seamlessly into their digital world. Your employees do, too. Of business leaders, 89% of execs believe digital will disrupt their business in the next 12 months. Unless organizations heed the industry warnings and adapt their strategy to this reality, they can become a digital predator. However, if they fail, they will become digital prey.

Questions answered:

  • How can you lead and collaborate cross-functionally to establish a digital vision that your CEO will champion?
  • What is necessary to drive agile customer-centric collaboration and innovation in your organization?
  • Why should IT organizations be the ones to digitize the business operations strategy? 

Maximize focus and outcomes for investments in digital business —Gartner

By: Richard Hunter

Gartner Report

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Report summary:

According to Gartner, over 70% of enterprises lack a coherent strategy when it comes to investing in digital business. Digital business will dramatically increase technology spending within enterprises over the next few years. CIOs must shift focus from maximizing operational cost-efficiencies to increasing yields on change, and they have powerful tools for that purpose.

Questions answered:

  • What is the impact of increased spend on digital business across the enterprise market?
  • How do forward-thinking CIOs transform their operations to drive new opportunities and increase value?
  • Why does increased focus on business IT investment strategy deliver digital business?

The future of IT service management in a world of digital transformation —KPMG advisory blog

By: Mitch Kenfield, Principal, CIO Advisory Practice

The future of IT service management in a world of digital transformation

Article summary:

Digital transformation is on top of every CIO’s agenda these days. However, the increasing level of complexity that accompanies the fast-paced, cloud-based world of digital requires going back to basics—that is, implementing a solid, modernized IT service management (ITSM) strategy in order to make sure that digital transformation coincides with operational excellence, customer satisfaction, and IT agility.

Questions answered:

  • How do organizations implement a digital transformation while ensuring operational excellence, customer satisfaction, and IT agility?
  • How is the future of digital business impacted by a modernized IT service management strategy?
  • What capabilities are critical for modernizing IT service management and how does it ensure a successful digital business implementation? 

Making digital transformation work with IT cost management and TBM —ISG blog 

By: Alex-Paul Manders, Practice Lead, IT Financial Strategy & Analytics (TBM).

 Making Digital Transformation Work with IT Cost Management and TBM

Article summary:

Digital transformation is taking on new meaning as it becomes more tactical and relevant to specific lines of business across the enterprise. In a recent ISG Insights™ paper, Driving Digital Strategy through TBM – A Four-Step Approach, we outline four steps to address the common challenges companies face in their digital transformation initiatives. These steps leverage Technology Business Management (TBM) to synchronize Finance and IT functions and control costs from the very outset.

Questions answered:

  • How many organizations are in the process of completing a digital transformation?
  • How are companies leveraging TBM to mitigate common challenges during their digital business initiatives?
  • What are the key steps organizations should take for aligning Business, IT, and Finance around digitial business? 

Digital transformation: why it's important to your organization —CIO.com

By: Mark Edmead, IT Transformation Consultant/Facilitator

Digital transformation: Why it's important to your organization

Article summary:

Organizations need to evolve to address changing business landscapes. Ideally, IT spending is driven by the need to meet business requirements. Business leaders want IT to focus on business results, innovation, and continuous improvement. Digital transformation can be defined as the acceleration of business activities, processes, competencies, and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of digital technologies and their impact in a strategic and prioritized way.

Questions answered:

  • What do CIOs say are the key influencers of digital business?
  • How can CIOs turn technology disruptions into leading technological innovations?
  • What must business leaders do to fully leverage technological innovations to deliver exceptional customer experience? 

 In addition to these reports and articles, CIO.com assembled a great list of 14 must-read books for CIOs and digital leaders in 2017. It’s worth checking out.

Please let us know what reads you have found most helpful, and we will continue to update this post throughout the year.