Each New Year brings excitement for new initiatives, but it's also a time to reflect on what we’ve learned from the previous year. As more IT organizations moved their TBM programs forward, 2016 was about enabling better decision-making that drives optimization and innovation. 

From enhancing apps that allow IT organizations to scale TBM programs at their own pace to deciphering cloud costs to extending private sector best practices to government agencies, there was no shortage of interesting innovation happening.   

Here are our top stories from 2016:


5 Tips for Cloud Cost Management

Cloud is not a matter of if or when; it’s a matter of how. Every technology leader we talk to is planning to leverage the cloud for more than they do today, across various platforms (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS). But having a number of your company’s major functions in the cloud introduces new twists to old problems like integration, security, and long-term cloud cost management. In this post, we focus on a topic that’s often top of mind: managing long-term costs. 

10 Core Beliefs on Cloud Transformation

During an IT Executive teleconference with IT leaders from the financial services industry, guest speakers Leandro Santos and Himanchu Agarwal from McKinsey & Company shared 10 core beliefs on cloud transformation. As public cloud grows to dominate the cloud market by 2020, it’s their belief that organizations will need to rethink their strategy to drive significant business value and meet new industry and customer demands. 

CIO to CIO: Technology chat with Jim DuBois, Microsoft CIO

Technology leaders like to gather together to talk shop—exploring common challenges, identifying similar trends, and uncovering insights they can share with their teams. In this interview, Apptio CIO Eric Watson sat down with Microsoft CIO Jim DuBois to share real, first-hand experiences about the role of a CIO today and how it is changing. 


Introducing the New Apptio TBM Studio

Based on learnings from hundreds of customers, thousands of users, and from the TBM community at large, Apptio’s TBM Studio includes enhancements that allow IT organizations to get started with TBM fast and scale it at their own pace—meeting the demand for data-driven analytics that support good technology decisions in every part of the business.


IT COST Commission Shows the US Government How to Cut $5.8 Billion

On the heels of FITARA, a group of over 70 public and private sector technology professionals formed the Commission on IT Cost, Opportunity, Strategy and Transparency (IT COST). Focusing on leveraging best practices in cost management, the group released 21 recommendations for improving transparency, optimizing IT spending and consumption, and accelerating critical initiatives in government agencies. They found that simple steps like adopting a Federal TBM Taxonomy for measuring and modeling IT costs, reporting on key areas of technology spending, and benchmarking against peers have the potential to make a huge impact. 


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