7 Can’t-Miss IT Financial Management Sessions at TBMC21

Align investment decisions to real-time data from multiple sources.

In today’s fast-paced world, technology and finance leaders are expected to make important decisions every day that can directly affect business outcomes. From managing your bottom line to investing in the right technology areas, decision-making needs to be driven by real-time data from multiple sources, and it needs to be presented in a consumable way.

Join us virtually this October 11-13 at the Technology Business Management (TBM) Conference 2021 and hear from executive leaders, including CIOs, CFOs, and others from companies such as Freddie Mac, Red Ventures, and Chevron, on how TBM will future-proof your innovation by being the command center for this complex new world. We’ve highlighted standout keynotes, breakout sessions, and live discussions that you won’t want to miss!



1. The End of IT… As We Know It

sunny gupta - 7 Can’t-Miss IT Financial Management Sessions at TBMC21 - Apptio

Sunny Gupta

Co-Founder & CEO

Today’s technology and business leaders must constantly innovate to compete. Many are working to future-proof digital transformations by embracing the cloud and shifting from projects to products, all while managing cost-cutting pressures. In this session, Sunny will share how companies are reinventing their business models to fund value streams and connect technology investments to strategic business outcomes.

2. Accelerating TBM with a Standards-Based Approach

richard - 7 Can’t-Miss IT Financial Management Sessions at TBMC21 - Apptio

Richard Spalding

GM, Program Delivery
Financial Services;
Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Todd Tucker Headshot

Todd Tucker

GM & VP, Standards
Research and Education
TBM Council

Join Richard Spalding and Todd Tucker as they discuss how in just 12 months, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) sped up TBM adoption without compromising CBA’s benefits—all while managing more than $3 billion in technology and operations spending. Learn how you and your teams can also achieve total transparency into your technology spend, deliver rich insights into your full application stack and link TBM to business capabilities to demonstrate how your technology investments support your business outcomes.

3. Illuminating the Way Using Technology Business Management

Carollyn Gehrke Headshot

Carollyn Gehrke

TBM Product Manager
John Deere

In this keynote, hear from Carollyn Gehrke, TBM Product Manager at John Deere, on using TBM to help accelerate the transformation of an IT cost center to a dynamic digital product investment model. You’ll see how her product team is enabling digital product leadership to make informed decisions about product investments with transparency to product aligned resources and applications.

Breakout sessions

4. TBM Governance & Automation

matt - 7 Can’t-Miss IT Financial Management Sessions at TBMC21 - Apptio

Matt Erickson

IT Finance Manager & TBM Lead
Health Care Services Corporation (HCSC)

One of the best ways to ensure TBM is successful in your organization is to establish an effective TBM governance program that utilizes automation and process efficiencies as its backbone. This session will walk you through HCSC’s journey toward building a successful TBM governance organization, including sharing their successes, the lessons they learned, critical tips for success, and much more.

5. How to establish a defensible showback/chargeback process

joen - 7 Can’t-Miss IT Financial Management Sessions at TBMC21 - Apptio

Joen Meier Olsen

Sr Strategic CS Advisor

This session will cover how to get the necessary executive sponsorship needed to establish a recurring process of cost recovery. You’ll also learn how to ensure the technical aspects of the solution are correct and accurate from both an operational and financial perspective.

6. Accelerating to App & Services TCO – What is really required to drive quick value?

dominic - 7 Can’t-Miss IT Financial Management Sessions at TBMC21 - Apptio

Dominic Calvert-Lee

Strategic CS Advisor

What do you really need to accelerate TCO value for Apps & Services? We all have more data than we know what to do with, and sourcing that data can take time and energy. Apptio provides guidance through Data Advisor on what data sets are required for various use cases. Join this session to understand which ones are core to driving Apps & Services TCO and how you can accelerate value.

Live Discussion

7. TBM-for-DIGITAL: Investing Shared Platforms & Services to Accelerate Digital

In this live discussion, participants will discuss how they are moving to productized services to assist digital product teams to develop, integrate, run, and maintain capabilities quickly, securely, and cost-effectively. These services may provide compute infrastructure, development environments, digital platforms, foundation platforms, and other capabilities that product teams need. In small roundtables, attendees will explore how to fund those shared services, how to allocate their costs, and how to address other common barriers to shared platform adoption. Be sure to secure your seat for the virtual live discussion when you register for TBM Conference 2021. There will be discussions hosted on October 11 and 12.

If you want more information about why you should attend this can’t-miss event, check out my blog post sharing six reasons to attend TBMC21.

I hope to see you (virtually) there!

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