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Apptio congratulates the

2017 TBM Council Awards

winners and finalists.


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A mature IT services transformation enables IT to continually simplify and innovate

  • Improved engagement with Finance through increased cost transparency
  • Reduced the application portfolio by 40%
  • Reduced the data center footprint by 35%

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Micron Technology

Maximizing IT investments: How Micron eliminated budget variance and changed IT culture

  • Quick ITP implementation: 6 weeks from start to active use
  • Tracking to within 1% of CapEx annual budget
  • Real-time, continuous variance analysis solves end of year "use it or lose it" problem

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How the largest energy provider in the US delivers run-rate savings via IT optimization

  • $100M in operations and maintenance (O&M) year-over-year run-rate cost reduction by 2018; $50M in project rationalization savings
  • 98% of servers mapped to consuming applications and services
  • 90% of storage mapped to consuming applications and services

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Caesars Entertainment

How IT improved budget variance & predictability to help drive a major modernization effort

  • IT budget planning process reduced from 6 months to 4 weeks
  • $800K in software contracts uncovered
  • Better analysis results in data center optimizations

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With TBM, IT Finance changes mindset to become a stronger business partner

  • Repurposed ~$2M in labor by automating project-level and infrastructure consumption reporting
  • Reduced line of business software portfolio by 5% by identifying redundancies

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How Maritz IT cut costs and delivered competitive IT services, earning the trust of business partners

  • Reduced IT spend by nearly 40%, meeting the cost reduction mandate of $18 million
  • Automated cost transparency, eliminating MOASS.xls (the Mother of All Spreadsheets)
  • Self-funded $4M in new technology imperatives over 2 years

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Newport News Shipbuilding

To drive digital transformation, IT ushers in a new era of transparency and communication

  • $7M identified in application elimination or migration opportunities
  • $3M investment request given same day approval because of IT’s trustworthiness and ability to bring credible details to the value discussion
  • NNS President leverages Apptio reports in the board meeting

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Transparency, accountability, and millions saved in just 15 months

  • Reduced IT costs relative to size and scale benchmarks from 40% above before TBM to within 10% after TBM
  • Escalated cloud migration, with a projected savings of €50 million
  • Rationalized the service catalog from 4,000 to 2,000 services

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