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With the rise of digital business as a top priority in 2017, CIOs face pressing questions about IT's digital innovation agenda.
Remember the story of the six blind men and the elephant? In business, the blind men are functions like support, operations, HR, etc. The elephant? IT services.
Stephanie Rendon, Director of Finance for IT at CHRISTUS Health, gives an insider's view into solving complex IT planning challenges.
Digital business transformation is a top priority, but CIOs are often asked to address a multi-billion dollar elephant in the boardroom: “how will we pay for this?”
When undertaking a showback billing process, it can be for its own standalone purpose or as a stepping stone to chargeback.
CIO digital business
CIOs are primed to lead digital business innovation, but they're being overlooked. Find out what makes them successful along with what's holding them back.
Does your IT leader or team have an amazing or transformational story? It only takes five minutes to submit your nomination to the TBM council.
This spring, Apptio advances IT Benchmarking, making benchmark data more interactive to enable deeper insights and greater confidence in comparisons.
New research shows a majority of IT leaders struggle to deliver IT business value. Find out why it's a problem and how others are solving for it.
When applied to IT governance, cost transparency supports better team alignment, shared priorities, and coordination. 
Business agility requires harmony between the business and IT. The business must be run by smart IT and IT must be run like a smart business.
Knowing where you fall in the TBM maturity spectrum helps identify opportunities for greater impact. Our 5-minute assessment makes it easy to gauge your progress.
Moving to an IT services model may be the most complicated thing an IT organization ever does. Why is the transition so challenging? Not for the reasons you think.
Everyday, IT Leaders like you deliver projects and services to run and expand your organization's business. But without insights into costs, demand, and capacity,...
Gerry Imhoff, CIO at Maritz, shares the focus on IT culture, approach, and people—NOT technology—that enabled his department to become truly valued by customers.
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