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To start getting value from your cloud migration, think about the shift as many smaller movements. Each ‘mini-migration’ will help you validate your path.
Special guest, Peter Gyrdgaard from Deloitte Consulting, explains why IT finance leaders need a better way to communicate IT costs.
More organizations are moving to cloud, but business barriers remain. Use this pragmatic approach to overcome challenges and increase your cloud usage.
Service owners need to advocate for a service portfolio that the business actually uses.
Organizations optimize their IaaS footprint by aligning spend to a business outcome.
Six steps for a successful application rationalization framework, and the ultimate cheat sheet for application rationalization TCO analysis. 
Maritz CIO Gerry Imhoff  shares how to use culture transformation and cost transparency to beat back your competition.
When you have multiple business units operating in multiple countries, maximizing IT investments becomes very important. This was true for W. R. Berkley Corporation...
To get what you need from the CFO, you have to understand what the CFO needs from you. Align expectations and frame technology investments in terms that resonate. 
Rolling forecasts create an agile planning process that holds cost center owners accountable to key performance indicators.
In light of cloud’s growing impact on IT, we’ve rounded up five recent reports from Forrester, McKinsey and other industry leaders to help you answer important...
SaaS offerings are proliferating and organizations need to optimize costs, reduce redundancy and measure adoption.
Yesterday I was deeply humbled to attend a meeting at the White House to raise awareness for the Technology Business Management discipline alongside the world’s...
IT Vendor lifecycle management needs a new approach and a new solution.
We all have hobbies, but the hunt for IT cost data insights shouldn’t be one of them. Here's how to use Apptio to make the search an integral part of your job.
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