Your AWS re:Invent 2019 Session Guide

Note: This article remains for archive purposes but the previous links to 2019 session information no longer exist.

Reserved seating for sessions at AWS re:Invent 2019 opened Oct. 15.

It’s time to build out your schedule and work out your path through five days of content.

From bootcamps to breakouts, from hands-on labs to certifications: there is a lot going—not to mention the Expo at the Venetian with AWS Village, Developer Lounge, sponsor booths, builders fair, and content and partner theaters!

Let’s start with the executive keynotes. You don’t need to reserve seating at these sessions, but you want to be there. It’s a power-house line-up of AWS and Amazon executive talent.

  • Monday, Dec 2nd: Peter DeSantis on what AWS infrastructure brings to the market.
  • Tuesday, Dec 3rd: Andy Jassy on the latest updates on AWS products and services.
  • Wednesday, Dec 4th: Doug Yeum on partner growth with AWS
  • Thursday, Dec 5th: Dr. Werner Vogels on the technical underpinnings of AWS services

So, where do you start building your schedule? Apptio has pulled together a list of sessions that caught our eye.

For a complete list, review the session catalog.

ARC219-R – AWS Cost Management tools for cost & usage optimization

A hands-on session on the AWS tools and services used to drive cost optimization. The session covers the core AWS tools, such as AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies, AWS Budgets, and Cost Explorer, to perform advanced billing analysis with Amazon Athena.

ARC204-R – Cost optimizing a workload

Whether you run cloud-native applications or legacy monolithic applications, this session shows techniques to run your workload at the lowest cost possible.

MGT201-L – Leadership session: AWS management and governance services.

AWS service leaders discuss their vision and the latest launches from the AWS management and governance teams, including innovations you can leverage now from Amazon CloudWatch, AWS Config, AWS Organizations, AWS Service Catalog, AWS Control Tower, and AWS Systems Manager.

CMP207 – Manage, control, and optimize costs with native AWS products

In this interactive chalk talk, learn how AWS creates your cost and usage data and dive into how you can use native AWS products to manage your spend. This session will reference AWS Billing and Cost Management data, AWS Cost Explorer, AWS Cost and Usage reports, and AWS Budgets.

CMP422-R2 – Leveraging native AWS Cost Management suite to optimize costs

This builders session dives into AWS Cost Management resources and features such as Reserved Instance (RI) performance reporting, resource optimization recommendations, RI recommendations, and other features to optimize your resources and costs with AWS Cost Management.

ARC209-R1 – Running lean architectures: How to be cost-effective on AWS

This session reviews a wide range of cost-optimization strategies, featuring real-world examples. Along with RIs, there will be a focus on getting up to 90% discounts on Spot Instances. Also covered: AWS Auto Scaling, caching and offloading content to Amazon CloudFront to reduce backend load, and cutting costs on serverless through minimizing AWS Lambda execution time and maximizing networking throughput.

ENT204-R – Managing your cloud financials as you scale on AWS   

In this session, you learn the fundamentals of cloud financial management with AWS and how to build a cost-conscious culture in your organization without slowing down innovation. Guest speakers from Lyft will share how they’ve accelerated cost optimization and improved cost visibility while growing their business with AWS.

ENT205-R – Get started on your migration business case

In this breakout session, you learn different migration scenarios and how the AWS business case methodology can help you understand utilization of on-premises resources, and how you can save cost and realize business value through AWS. TSO Logic, an AWS company, shares experiences that demonstrate how to simplify migration planning and their research on achieving cost savings by factoring in real-time utilization and Microsoft licenses.

ENT202-R – Quantifying the Business Value of AWS

In this chalk talk, learn how customers use the AWS Cloud Value Framework to quantify the business value they can achieve with AWS. Further, the talk covers the two main approaches to building a business case—the value benchmarking approach and the bottom-up data collection approach—and when to use which. Also shared: best practices for how to communicate the business value of AWS to different stakeholders in your organizations.

ENT230-R – Introduction to forecasting costs on AWS 

Accurately forecasting AWS costs is an important element for cloud financial management.  This chalk talk discusses some approaches to consider when forecasting AWS spend. These approaches include examining historical trends and linking plans, such as new product development and business expansion, into cloud consumption.

ENT228-R – How to Build a Business Case with Value Benchmarking

Build a high-level business case using value benchmarking. Learn about AWS’ recent market research on the benefits AWS customers have realized. Learn how to use these insights to benchmark your organization and create or supplement your business case. Learn from AWS, as well as your peers, on how to solidify your business case for AWS by identifying and tracking relevant KPIs and adopting the latest industry best practices.

ENT206-R – Optimize AWS costs and utilization with AWS management tools

In this hands-on session, learn how to use AWS tools and services to drive cost optimization throughout your business. This session reviews the core tools of cost management, such as AWS IAM policies, AWS Budgets, and AWS Cost Explorer. After mastering these tools, there will be detail around advanced billing analysis with Amazon Athena and visualizations using Amazon QuickSight.

ENT201-R  – Top 10 AWS Cost Explorer reports & AWS Budgets alerts

When it comes to managing your AWS costs, transparency is a key metric that can help you quickly find outliers and identify teams that are overspending. This session uncovers the top 10 most useful AWS Cost Explorer reports and AWS Budget alerts that help organizations achieve cost awareness with AWS.

ENT221-R – How to Optimize TCO by Bringing Microsoft Licenses to AWS

This session covers practical steps for cost-optimizing your Microsoft workloads on AWS from both licensing and infrastructure perspectives. Including: diversify and optimize your current licensing investments, think strategically about licensing in the cloud, and how to bring your own licenses to AWS. The session will also cover cost-optimization features and approaches, and how to apply them to Microsoft-specific workloads.

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