The Apptio Story

It’s fair to say we can all think of people in our lives that we would describe as ‘great storytellers’. We envy, appreciate, and acknowledge the charisma, creativity, and energy it takes to relive moments in time as if they were happening in the present.

Telling the story of a brand or company is not unlike telling a personal story. There are ups and downs, moments of suspense and moments of certainty, times of transition, and times of stagnation. But the climax, or turning point, and the resolution – or conclusion – is what draws you in the most. We like to lean into the simplicity of knowing how things turned out.

Apptio’s fast-paced innovation story

Telling the Apptio story is always exciting, and over the past year, we’ve added new chapters that benefit our customers in making informed technology decisions, faster. Let’s start with why the Apptio story has evolved.

Digital business is becoming a must. Roughly 7 out of 10 Board of Directors have indicated that accelerating digital business initiatives is their number one priority for 2021, largely in response to the pandemic. As organizations look to accelerate these initiatives, the most successful are:

  • Empowering technology leaders – such as CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, and business owners – to drive digital business initiatives.
  • Leveraging the cloud as a catalyst for innovation due to the ability to increase development speed and provide near limitless scale.
  • Shifting from project to product development, embracing agile methodologies to provide continuous business value.

Despite benefits associated with operating as a digital business and implementing transformational initiatives, challenges remain: The speed of innovation creates chaos between technology and finance.

At the Board of Directors and CEO level, strategic objectives – such as innovation, competitive differentiation, speed to market, and financial and operational agility – are top priorities. They are the metric by which technology investments are measured and justified. But to meet these objectives, and demonstrate the value of their investments, technology leaders now more than ever need to be able to tie work execution to business strategy. To say it another way, leaders need to optimize for not just money, but time.

This is difficult because work management and financial management systems are discrete, disconnected systems, which makes it nearly impossible to track or highlight the business value of the work being done.

Technology investment decisions drive business outcomes

theapptiostory - The Apptio Story - Apptio

And this is where the Apptio story has reached a turning point – one of many in the fourteen-year journey of our existence. We’ve always been dedicated to creating wildly successful customers. It’s never been more important to offer solutions that simplify life for our customers, and enable them to move with speed, and be their trusted advisor, as they are knee-deep in accelerating their digital journeys.

Apptio is innovating at a pace it has never experienced. In 2020 alone, we introduced 175 products and features! And our Targetprocess acquisition in February marked Apptio’s fourth since going private with Vista Equity Partners in 2019.

All of this innovation and customer-driven strategy has made Apptio the only end-to-end solution that provides a holistic and integrated view of an organization’s technology investments across on-premises, cloud, and development resources. We provide our customers with trusted, actionable insights to connect technology investments to drive better business outcomes, helping organizations innovate to compete.

For a glimpse into how we have simplified our product portfolio and integrated our user experience to make it easier for customers to accelerate their digital transformation efforts, read Apptio Unifies Product Experience to Support Digital-First Strategies.

To catch up on everything else we’ve innovated on this past year, read:

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