TBMC20: The Virtual Edition

The 2019 TBM Conference (TBMC) was an amazing event. If you were there, you know the truth of that statement – you spent a week networking and learning with an impressive group of modern-thinking technology and finance executives. CIO Dive named the TBMC20 a must-attend conference for 2020, positioning it alongside shows like Gartner Symposium and Re:Invent.

Like those wonderful conferences, we’ll be going virtual. For us, virtual doesn’t mean locking attendees in front of their screens for five full days, as if to re-create a physical conference. We understand “Zoom Gloom” and the fact that a physical conference provided a timely break away from the day-to-day. To that end, it is our mission to provide a world-class virtual experience that inspires and enables all attendees to drive optimal financial management processes across their organization.

Starting November 9, we’ll launch the virtual edition of TBMC20, which will air over 100 on-demand sessions that can be accessed any time, any place and on any screen. We will also mix in live keynotes with surprises and special guests, host collaborative roundtables and workshops, and facilitate connections to other conference attendees.

This means that attendees from all over the world can participate in TBMC20 and access sessions that fit their interest and TBM maturity level. Whether you are new to TBM or have an established TBM office, it will be easy to find the most relevant sessions for you. Unlike a physical conference, you consume as much of the content you like at your leisure! No more divide-and-conquer efforts with your peers, no more scrambling to find the right room and no more taking pictures with your phone instead of notes! You’ll have access to a fully immersive library of customer stories, product sessions and keynotes that you can go back and view as many times as you like.

We’ve unlocked virtual networking, too. For starters, a state-of-the-art virtual expo hall provides access to experts right at your fingertips. You can participate in demos, live chat, and more. There are options to add a one-on-one expert-hour session, schedule meetings in the executive suite, and gain skills acceleration through Apptio and TBM Council curriculum. Finally, and possibly most important, you can connect with other attendees to learn how they are solving the same problems you’re facing.

This year’s theme is Bringing Future Forward. Your peers will present on how their companies have embraced the future and grown through unprecedented change. After all, the way your company adapts and recovers is key to its success in the coming decade. At TBMC20, you and your peers will:

  • Hear future-fit technology and finance leaders share stories of effectively leveraging approaches such as cloud, agile, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.
  • Learn from experts how to quickly reduce and optimize costs.
  • Get access to Apptio and TBM Council executives for advice on strategy and tactics.

The need to Bring Future Forward while continuing to move at the pace of the market has never been greater. Critical to that will be the ability to effectively leverage approaches such as cloud, agile, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Key TBMC topics

Maturing TBM Practices – Much like a 100-level course, these sessions will provide guidance on the very basics of TBM, including how to get started, how to progress to the next levels, and how to get ahead and stay ahead with TBM.

Data Transformation – Data is in nearly everything we do. These sessions will cover how organizations can transform disparate data into informed insights to help shape business decisions and outcomes.

Accelerating Cloud – Walk through how to implement sound cloud financial management practices at scale and how TBM and Apptio are working to extend visibility and decision making across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Advancing Strategic Portfolio Management – Learn how to deploy financial management practices to the project and product portfolio independent of where you are on your agile transformation journey.

Better Together – These sessions will speak to how TBM and Apptio extend the value of existing financial ledger and planning systems. ServiceNow, Atlassian, and AWS share stories of their success integrating TBM and Apptio.

Principles of Effective Leadership – These sessions will cover how to lead effectively through change and ambiguity with a particular focus on people and processes. This track will also include Diversity and Inclusion sessions.

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OK, you’ve heard what a great conference it’s going to be and how you can curate an agenda based on your needs that you watch at your leisure. We will also be putting together “paths” to make it easy for you to simply choose a topic or theme and binge the content related to the topic.

Here’s one more reason to register now to go to TBMC20: You can purchase a TBM Council Course and Certification coupon at the lowest prices ever offered. View more information here.

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