Sunny Gupta TBMC20 Keynote: From Economic Disruption to Opportunity

This year has been challenging for many reasons, especially due to the economic disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. But to Apptio’s co-founder and CEO Sunny Gupta, there are positive takeaways when it comes to business leaders deploying TBM and Apptio in a post-COVID world.

With that message of optimism in mind, Gupta’s TBMC20 keynote highlights an interesting dichotomy: disruption versus opportunity. COVID has forced IT leaders to dissect their budgets, rapidly identify where money is being spent, and then quickly re-plan and re-forecast. At the same time, conversations have shifted to discussing the value of the organization’s technology investments. As a result, CFOs have been more engaged in conversations around technology budgets than ever before.

For Gupta, the era of COVID, and the value of TBM hearkens back to the 2008 financial crisis when Apptio was born and TBM first emerged in response. He is seeing the same trend today: IT leaders are adopting TBM in response to the current economic climate and quickly course correct. After speaking with more than 400 CIOs over the past six months, he has identified the following top priorities:

  • Forecasting and re-planning
  • Cost optimization
  • Cloud acceleration
  • Driving digital transformation via agile delivery

Want to hear more about what these CIOs had to say? Listen in on Gupta’s TBMC20 keynote by registering here.

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