New Product Updates to Help You Make Better Business Decisions

Actionable insights into your data and drives alignment across your organization.

Business and technology leaders are facing accelerated digital transformation with higher expectations for how teams leverage and harness technology and how quickly they deliver products and services. At the same time, technology is rapidly changing, with cloud computing and agile methodologies becoming the norm.

Apptio helps you navigate these transformations so you can make better business decisions. Earlier today at TBM Conference 2021, Scott Chancellor, Apptio Chief Product & Technology Officer, shared the latest vision and strategy for Apptio’s product portfolio. The announcements included several recent product developments and forthcoming new features designed to help customers adapt to these new digital imperatives. These new features and capabilities simplify the complexities of today’s technology environment by giving you actionable insights into your data and driving alignment across your organization. The result is the ability to make smarter decisions faster.

TBM Conference Day 1 Announcements

Apptio BI: Connecting Data to Insights and Actions

Screenshot of Apptio BI

Apptio announced the launch of Apptio BI  to help end-users accelerate their productivity. Apptio BI enables users to easily create and share the reports and dashboards that matter most to them. It also allows users to uncover meaningful opportunities in the data and develop workflows to turn those opportunities into reality. Available today, Apptio BI continues to release new functionalities every month.

Cloudability Shift: Multi-Currency Support

Apptio released a new feature for Cloudability Shift (available now) that takes inputs in various currencies, allowing users to model different data centers and on-premises situations that incur costs in one or more currencies. This feature helps remove the complexity and confusion resulting from organizations operating in multiple regions and major cloud vendors billing in different currencies.

Cloudability SaaS: Spend Management Experience

Screenshot of Cloudability SaaS

Screenshot of Cloudability SaaS

Later this year, Cloudability SaaS will launch a set of expense management improvements that will enable users to pull in detailed financial line-item data to more easily identify “shadow IT” purchases—those made across the business outside of the procurement process. This metadata will give users greater control over budgeting and forecasting and enable a more granular view of actual expenses poised for optimization.

Cloudability Google Cloud Platform Rightsizing

Screenshot of Cloudability Google Cloud Platform Rightsizing

Later this month, Cloudability will launch rightsizing recommendations for Google Compute virtual machines and persistent disks. Based on hourly-level analysis across all key utilization metrics,  Cloudability-generated recommendations include multiple cost-saving options for each resource—providing engineers the insights needed to optimize with confidence.

Cloudability AWS Savings Plan Recommendations

Screenshot of Cloudability AWS Savings Plan Recommendations

Screenshot of Cloudability AWS Savings Plan Recommendations

Purchase recommendations for EC2 and Compute Savings Plans maximize the benefit of any existing Reserved Instances and help you reduce hourly rates. With this update, users can tailor recommendations to organizational preferences by analyzing usage within relevant date windows and setting minimum thresholds for savings and utilization. Detailed visualizations let users understand their current commitment position and further saving opportunities against applicable historical usage patterns. Enhanced Savings Plan recommendations will be available to all Cloudability customers later this month.

Cloudability TotalCost

Screenshot of Cloudability TotalCost

Screenshot of Cloudability of TotalCost

Launching in late 2021, Cloudability TotalCost will connect direct and indirect cloud charges, including public cloud spend, cloud services, applications, labor, and shared costs, to calculate the complete cost of running cloud-based software applications. This will enable users to determine, manage, and optimize the total cost of their cloud program while also getting accurate visibility into the portion of costs that their organization’s teams, departments, and services are responsible for.

TBM Conference Day 2 Announcements

Looking ahead to tomorrow, we will also be making two important announcements regarding ApptioOne. It is not too late to register for the conference to catch the live stream and hear more details about what’s in store!

Unified ApptioOne Experience

Screenshot of ApptioOne

In the general session “The Power of Apptio,” Scott will share more information about how a unified ApptioOne will bring together Cost Transparency and IT Planning functionality into a single product with a common Apex user interface for easier navigation. This unified experience includes a common data bus that will service both the costing and planning portions of the product and eliminate the need to push data from one app to the other. Launching early in 2022, this new automated data sharing service will ultimately span all Apptio products, further unifying the portfolio.

Targetprocess Integration with ApptioOne

Screenshot of Targetprocess integration with ApptioOne

We welcomed Targetprocess, an industry-leading solution for scaled agile planning, to the Apptio product portfolio in February 2021.  Soon, Apptio will allow you to close the gap between work and financial management by integrating Targetprocess with ApptioOne. In the same general session, Scott will highlight the initial capabilities of sending labor expenses, including labor capitalization data, from Targetprocess to the planning tool in ApptioOne. This integration allows organizations to measure the budget variance and adjust capacity plans, bringing labor and non-labor expenses into a single unified view.

Learn More at TBMC21

We’ll share more detail about each of these announcements in various product sessions at TBM Conference. Register today to get immediate access to this content and dozens of other sessions led by Apptio and industry experts. In the coming days, there will also be region-specific opportunities to learn more about these announcements:


We’ll be hosting a TBMC Highlights tour in November. The five-city tour will feature morning sessions focused on technical deep dives for Apptio customers and users. The afternoon sessions are for industry leaders, partners, and peers to learn how to maximize return on technology budgets and accelerate digital transformation.


We will have a Live APAC TBM Connect Day virtual event on Oct 13 to have more interactive sessions, including keynotes, a roundtable, and a virtual networking session for all APAC TBMC participants.

We are excited for these advancements to help you make better business decisions, and we can’t wait to share more. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter and stay up to speed on all Apptio announcements at

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