Migrating? Optimizing? You Need a Cloud Strategy

Cloud continues to become easier to use, but controlling costs and usage can get complex. Here are two scenarios where a cloud migration strategy can boost business and financial agility at scale, no matter where your organization is in its cloud journey.

After an exciting AWS re:Invent 2017 and with cloud growth continuing to boom, there’s no surprise that many enterprises are starting to fully adopt the cloud. Along with those large entities, many nimble, cloud-native companies continue to spring up to disrupt their various industries.

Whichever type of scenario your business may be in, you’re going to want a long-term cloud strategy to control growing cloud costs, the ability to report and charge them back to teams from a financial standpoint and the ability to optimize growing clouds at scale.

Why Having a Cloud Migration Strategy Matters

Moving your datacenter workloads over to the cloud is no simple task – nor is it a quick one. Having a long-term cloud migration strategy in place can be very cost-effective as long as you have the right people, operations and platform in place.

From a personnel perspective, cost-efficient cloud practices aren’t just a technology team challenge alone. Business and financial leaders need to get involved and see the right kinds of cloud cost and usage data that can help start the right kinds of discussions toward making better cloud decisions. For instance, we’ve helped enterprises like Cisco Umbrella tell better cloud cost stories to their financial teams. With this type of story in-hand, it’s easier to keep everyone aligned around how best to scale cloud infrastructure, and aware of how cloud ROI is measured.

Operationally, this might be a new “muscle” for your teams to exercise and use on a daily basis. Having a program and platform in place to help them make better cloud technology decisions throughout a migration is key to both successfully migrating to cloud as well as keeping business running smoothly.

A Program and Platform Built for the Challenge of a Cloud Migration

We launched Cloud Financial Office in late 2017 to tackle this specific challenge. Our experts use our True Cost™ platform to help build a Cloud Migration Strategy catered to your specific challenges. Our experts assess your organizational readiness for cloud financial management and map how to close both strategic and operational gaps.

Here’s a taste of these kinds of challenges and the program at-a-glance. HERE Technologies joined our team to discuss why having a cloud migration strategy matters:

Cloud-Native? Start Optimizing Resources Now

Maybe your teams are already on the cloud and you want them to get better and faster at bringing awesome apps and services to market  – while also staying financially accountable for all of the cloud costs required for growth.

Cloud costs and usage at scale get quite complex. This is where relying on a True Cost™ Engine and platform can come in handy. Rather than leaving the accounting and optimization up to spreadsheets and human hands, rely on data-driven machine learning instead.

As we teach many enterprises, centralize the management of vendor discounts and decentralize cloud optimization best practices. This is a core foundation to any cloud strategy focused on optimization and cost effectiveness.

To do this right, your teams will want to start looking at cloud resources less by how to simply get the job done and more by which choices make financial and business sense. We have guides like our AWS EC2 Instances primer and our Reserved Instances e-book to help folks make sense of more cost-efficient ways to do cloud.

Want to Know How the Best-in-class Enterprises Measure Cloud Efficiency?

Atlassian joined us at the recent AWS re:Invent conference to talk about how to measure cloud cost efficiency and how to build that kind of culture across the organization. Check it out:

Start Building Your Cloud Strategy Now

Whether you’re already in the cloud making moves at scale or your teams are just starting out, you’ll want a thorough, long-term cloud strategy backed by data science and an engine that reflects the true costs of your cloud.

If your teams are more the type to get their hands dirty with data and insights, start a Free Trial of our platform today.

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