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One of our primary investment themes for 2020 has been around collaboration, which was underscored by the launch of our Comments feature earlier this year. We are now excited to announce that we have launched several new features over the past quarter to enhance the collaboration experience for our users. This includes broadening the number of applications that can leverage the Comments functionality while also giving you the ability to limit who sees the comments. We have also added a few new features just for administrators to streamline their job and enhance the experience of their users.

Easy collaboration across products

In addition to Cost Transparency and Bill of IT, users can now use Comments to collaborate in Self Service Reporting, Insights, and Action Plans. This means that Ciara, a financial analyst, can add a comment to a new Insight flagged by the system that she wants her team to evaluate. At the same time Peter, a cost center owner, can create his own reports with Self-Service Reporting and then add comments to better explain the trends and analytics to his management.

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Have open or closed group discussions

Users can now add public comments or have private discussions. Public comments are best used to solicit broad feedback or have general discussions so anyone with access to the report can find the relevant information in the future. Private comments allow users to discuss confidential matter or have closed group conversations meant for only specific users. Users can also use it to root cause issues within their department before providing explanations for business reviews.

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Daily digests for admins

Users with admin or partner role can enable daily digest notifications to receive a daily email summarizing all public commenting activities. The daily digest email summarizes comments as well as total active users per report, with a link to the report.

Add commenting guidelines

Administrators can now add a short informational message to provide guidelines regarding commenting within the organization. The message will show up at the top of the Comments panel on all pages.

Take personal notes

Users can even use the Comments feature to add notes just for themselves. This allows them to add notes in context of the report that only they can see.

Collaborate and Comment Screenshot4

Format comments for clear communication

Users can now format comments to add paragraphs and simple text formatting, including bold, italics, and bulleted and numbered lists.

Mention roles

Earlier you could mention only other users. We have enhanced the mention functionality to include roles.

For more details, check out our documentation here. We are continuing to rapidly innovate in this area so stay tuned for more releases in 2021!

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