Apptio Launches Self-Service Reporting for IT Planning

Empower every user to analyze data and drive decisions on IT budgets and forecasts.

We’ve launched new capabilities in our budgeting and forecasting solution as part of our 2.76 releaseExpanding on Apptio’s initial release of Self-Service Reporting(“SSR”)Apptio customers  now have access to Self-Service Reporting for IT Financial Management Foundation (ITFMF) and IT Planning (ITP). Self-Service Reporting enables Apptio customers to create on-demand, personalized reports and visualizations of their IT department’s budget and forecast plans for in-depth analysis, faster decision-making, and a collaborative IT planning process. 

We are thrilled to share this new product experience with our customers after hearing from our community. We know that our customers want to save time on their planning cycles, be able to create accurate, up-to-date reports quickly within Apptio and share these reports across their organizations. These new capabilities allow every user to analyze data, facilitate discussion, drive decisions on IT plans, and give budget owners the tools to develop more accurate plans that drive down variance.   

Benefits of Self-Service Reporting for IT Planning

With IT Planning data available in SSR, all budget and cost center owners – or any other user of Apptio – can create, view, and share reports containing the latest active plans in real-time, a task that previously only TBM admins could do.  Reports can contain visualizations of IT plans including visualizations created using data from other Apptio products such as Cost Transparency and Vendor Insights in order to view and understand the details of the actuals available within the Apptio product suite.  Once created, a report can be immediately added to a dashboard and shared with anyone in the organization. Reports can be saved and queried foeasy reference.   

By creating these personalized reports, budget owners can also analyze their actuals against their plan more periodically and consistently to understand the causes of variance and take actions to mitigate potential overages before the end of the budget period. TBM Admins can also save time typically spend on ad hoc report creation and spend more time driving partnership with the business. With SSR, users of all skill sets can configure and save data visualizations on-demand to drive better budgeting and forecasting analysis and decisions. 


View reports with multiple visualizations using data from IT Planning, Cost Transparency, and Vendor Insights.

self-service reporting for IT Planning: data visualization


Understand cost center level details in financial budgets and forecasts.

cost center level details in self-service reporting for IT Planning


Select data sources for new visualizations to create any custom report.

configure data source for self-service reporting for IT Planning

Learn more about Apptio’s Self-Service Reporting capabilities and IT Planning solution.

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