Apptio Launches Comments & Collaboration

Give data context and promote stakeholder clarity with new in-app communications.

Today we’re excited to announce our newest feature: Comments & Collaboration. Now, all Cost Transparency, Bill of IT, SaaS and Vendor Insights, and Hybrid Business Management users can engage in robust conversations and drive business initiatives forward through shared contextual analysis and feedback.

We know that historically, cross-functional communication on Apptio reports and analytics required the use of external tools or platforms. We found customers had to export or take screenshots of data, visualizations, and reports to share with key stakeholders. This meant many of our customers were using business intelligence tools and email on top of Apptio. This process effectively erased the insight that Apptio provides, removed all context from the data, and reduced stakeholder visibility of Apptio as the platform for these insights. Furthermore, circulating information in this way complicates the flow of information because of the versioning, data accuracy, and coordination issues it creates. Without in-product communications, users lack the shared knowledge necessary to inform and drive business decisions.

Today we’re empowering users with the necessary context to contribute to robust conversations and drive business initiatives forward all within Apptio. No longer confined to disjointed email communications, colleagues can now engage one another through intuitive commentary, notification, and @mention features without leaving Apptio.

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Comments & Collaboration enables users to provide insight and analysis to data and reports directly – saving it from languishing in an email. Once created, comments are grouped in threads so that new contributors can get up to speed quickly and newness indicators further alert stakeholders of recent activity. Users will also receive an email message and see an in-app notification bell as new comments are added to a thread.

Comments & Collaboration is currently available for all customers using Cost Transparency, Bill of IT, Vendor and SaaS Insights, Hybrid Business Management, and Apptio Value Explorer.  Throughout this year, we will extend this feature to IT Financial Management Foundation, Cloudability, Insights and Action Plans, as well as Self-Service Reporting. Future enhancements include a daily digest of notifications for TBM Analysts, the ability to make private comments to individuals or smaller groups, and additional notification channels – including Slack.

By providing these capabilities, Apptio Collaboration enhances decision-making on IT spend through increased organizational engagement and knowledge sharing while improving contextual accuracy within broader communications.

Contact your CS representative to learn more about Apptio Comments & Collaboration.

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