Apptio Launches Agile Investment Management

Accurately plan your entire portfolio of investments, including all relevant resource costs, in alignment with both Agile and Waterfall delivery processes.

Apptio’s new offering/service, Agile Investment Management, enables business, finance, and Agile development teams (portfolio and product owners) to collaboratively analyze, prioritize, and plan product/project investments while ensuring that associated labor resources and costs are accurately considered. Through integrations with leading Agile management tools such as Jira, Apptio Agile Investment Management allows you to analyze how your actual development efforts—and total costs—compare to your plans immediately as that development occurs. With Apptio Agile Investment Management, your financial planning and governance processes are just as agile and flexible as your development processes.

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Your business stakeholders can capture and update investment demand (such as proposed and planned product initiatives) directly in Agile Investment Management and then work with IT finance to adjust the investment prioritization based on the changing needs of the business, all while maintaining a comprehensive view of the resource and labor costs each proposed initiative would require. As priorities change, product/feature roadmaps in Agile Investment Management can be updated to align with shifts in the business – and the planned resource costs will automatically adjust as well. This type of alignment between development teams and their counterparts in IT finance has been historically supported by a patchwork of spreadsheets and tools. This full process is now automated within Agile Investment Management for both products delivered via Agile processes and projects delivered via Waterfall processes.

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