The Apptio Story

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It’s fair to say we can all think of people in our lives that we would describe as ‘great storytellers’. We envy, appreciate, and acknowledge the charisma, creativity, and energy it takes to relive moments in time as if they were happening in the present. Telling the story of a brand or company is not […]

A CIO’s Guide to Digital Transformation

A CIOs guide to digital transformation

Companies have been pursuing digital transformation at different rates for the last few years. CIOs make sure the enterprise is participating in its own version of digital transformation because their competitors may have already beat them. Transforming from a traditional business approach to digital requires a rethinking of how things are done with a focus […]

AI is here. Are you ready?

emerge AI is here Are you ready

Philip Armstrong joined Great-West Life over two years ago and hasn’t looked back. Actually, Philip never looks back, choosing instead to live by the motto “respect the past but embrace the future.” In his interview with Apptio, he explains how success today depends on your ability to think ahead. Philip, what’s the next big thing […]

VIDEO: RBS Drives Innovation With Existing IT Spend

emerge_RBS drives innovation

The Royal Bank of Scotland, a UK-based banking and financial services company, is reallocating their run-the-business budget to grow-the-business investments through increased transparency into IT spend and value. By understanding where they get the most value out of IT services, RBS is able to shift dollars toward innovation to meet growing consumer and market expectations […]

Strategies to Reduce Cost and Fund Digital Business Transformation

Strategies to reduce cost and fund digital business transformation

Digital business transformation is a top priority for many companies, but there’s a multi-billion dollar elephant in the boardroom that CIOs are often left to address: “how are we going to pay for this?” A CIO can consider several cost optimization strategies when looking to answer this question and fund its digital business transformation. The […]