New Product Updates to Help You Make Better Business Decisions

Blog header 4 - New Product Updates to Help You Make Better Business Decisions - Apptio

Business and technology leaders are facing accelerated digital transformation with higher expectations for how teams leverage and harness technology and how quickly they deliver products and services. At the same time, technology is rapidly changing, with cloud computing and agile methodologies becoming the norm. Apptio helps you navigate these transformations so you can make better […]

AWS re:Invent: Cloud Adoption Accelerating

AWS ReInvent Recap

Attending AWS re:Invent 2020 as a 100% virtual conference, spread over a three-week period, was as much positive as it was unusual. Because 2020 was a period of extreme disruption, it helped put renewed emphasis on the “reinvent” component of AWS’ eight-year-old cloud conference. It was a year when companies had to suddenly, and without […]

Apptio Cost Transparency joins AWS Marketplace

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We are excited to announce that on November 30, Apptio Cost Transparency was officially made available in AWS Marketplace. This addition gives organizations even more options to get the most value out of their AWS investments as well as their broader IT portfolio. Apptio has always been focused on helping organizations make smarter decisions about […]

Announcing Integration with New Relic APM for Improved Rightsizing

rightsizing cloud services- hero

We are excited to announce the integration of Apptio’s cloud cost management platform with the observability platform provider New Relic. This integration enables Cloudability customers to leverage New Relic as their preferred utilization data provider, resulting in improved rightsizing recommendations for Amazon EC2 and Azure Compute resources. With superior recommendations, organizations can rightsize with confidence, […]

Apptio Launches Amazon S3 Rightsizing Recommendations for Cloudability


Apptio’s release of Amazon S3 Rightsizing Recommendations provides visibility into bucket-level metrics and surfaces rightsizing recommendations to uncover cost savings opportunities within their S3 spend. About Amazon S3 Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is a popular cloud object storage service used for common enterprise storage needs – images and videos, static website content, big data […]

KubeCon 2020 Recap: Cost Visibility and Optimization in Kubernetes

Kube Con Recap Blog Header Image - KubeCon 2020 Recap: Cost Visibility and Optimization in Kubernetes - Apptio

As part of KubeCon 2020, the FinOps Foundation announced new members of the Technical Advisory Council, which included Eugene Khvostov, VP of product and engineering at Apptio, who was quoted in the announcement: Managing cloud costs and usage continues to be a top concern as cloud spending accelerates even faster than forecasted as a result […]

How to Find More Savings Out of Pre-paid Cloud Service Discounts

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Pre-paid cloud services allow organizations to take advantage of preferential pricing in exchange for an early financial commitment. With the current economic disruption, IT leadership must ensure that the promise of prepaid services is delivered in cost savings.  Depending on a few factors (services within your infrastructure and terms of those services), there are ways […]

Apptio Extends Use of AWS Across its Product Portfolio

AWS and Apptio

Apptio, the market-leading provider of Technology Business Management applications, has extended its use of AWS across its product portfolio and entered into a strategic relationship with AWS focusing on increased marketing and go-to-market strategies.  AWS across Apptio’s product portfolio Apptio selected AWS as its preferred Cloud Service Provider (CSP) to runs its workloads by using […]

What I Learned From Taking the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam

AWS practitioner

For seven years, I was a Microsoft guy.  Signing up to take the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam felt a little foreign, and honestly, a little traitorous. I’ve used AWS – I’ve tried out their free tier and some of their fun services like AWS Device Farm. I’ve also left stuff on, blew past the […]

AWS re:Invent 2019 Keynote re:Cap

AWS re:Invent 2019 Keynote re:Cap

AWS re:Invent 2019 is here, and that means 5 days of wall-to-wall releases. But the biggest releases are reserved for the keynotes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. And that’s why we’re here. We’ll kick off this post on Tuesday with Andy Jassy’s keynote, then add to it for Wednesday’s Global Partner Summit and Thursday’s keynote […]

Magellan Health Improves Lives With the Help of Apptio Cloudability

Magellan Health

Magellan Health, who provide services for veterans and active-duty members, relies on Apptio Cloudability to optimize their cloud spend—and pushes the savings along to their members. Purchased through the AWS Marketplace, Magellan Health found an immediate ROI from Apptio Cloudability. “The return on investment was (in) 10 minutes—seriously. By implementing Apptio Cloudability we saved $8K […]

How to Build a Strategy for AWS Savings Plans

How to Build a Strategy for AWS Savings Plans

AWS Savings Plans are a big deal, and they’re going to have a big impact on how companies optimize AWS costs. To help figure out how best to tackle this brave new world, the experts over at the FinOps Foundation put their heads together. In a call with over 100 experts from around the world, […]

The Complexity of AWS Billing

The Complexity of AWS Billing

When AWS spend is small, organizations often choose to ignore AWS bill complexity. Why spend a dollar on bill management to save a dime in spend? Surely a simple spreadsheet would suffice. Not so fast. Manual spreadsheet analysis of AWS Cost and Usage Reports (CUR) fails after the AWS footprint goes beyond select workloads and […]

Using FinOps with AWS

Using FinOps with Amazon Web Services

At CloudyCon 2019, Keith Jarrett, Global Lead of Cloud Financial Management with AWS, presented the Principles of FinOps. Formulated by the FinOps Foundation and validated by AWS, these six principles are the guiding light behind every FinOps practice. Keep them in mind while you build out FinOps in your organization and you give yourself the […]

AWS Cost Management: The Basics

AWS Cost Management Basics

As your AWS cloud infrastructure grows, so do your costs—but they don’t have to grow at the same rate. Follow the best practices for AWS cost management and deliver dramatic increases in cloud resources growth while keeping costs stable. The math is straightforward. Sound cloud cost management techniques can save you at least 30% year-over-year. […]

AWS Chargeback Controls Cloud Sprawl

AWS Chargeback

Cloud use is exploding, AWS cloud bills are spiking, and organizations can’t point to the reason why (“Is our AWS bill going up because our cloud migration is going well or is it because someone’s going rogue with the corporate credit card?”). Eliminate cloud waste by adopting cloud chargeback to recover costs and shape demand. […]

Your AWS re:Invent 2019 Survival Guide

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Pack your walking shoes. The AWS re:Invent campus is even larger this year, as will be the fun and intensity of the schedule. Prepare yourselves for the journey ahead if you’re heading to Vegas later this month. There are less than 50 days till re:Invent 2019 kicks off, and we want to help prepare you […]

Are You Joining Apptio Cloudability at AWS re:Invent 2019?

AWS re:Invent 2019

It’s October. Up in Bellevue, that means Fall is here, along with Halloween, pumpkin spice lattes, and harvest festivals. And for anyone in cloud, it also means the biggest cloud show of the year is coming. That’s right, AWS re:Invent 2019 takes place December 2-6, 2019, in Las Vegas, Nevada. That’s less than 60 days […]

Accelerating the Cloud-First Delivery Model

emerge Is it possible to use EBS gp2 instead of io1, achieve same performance and save 50 percent

A cloud-first strategy bets that cloud solutions have better odds of accelerating business value than the on-premises (on-prem) alternatives.  It’s less a statement of intent (it’s cloud-first, not cloud-only), more a statement of consideration. Transforming your IT operating model starts with evaluating cloud solutions. Don’t let the simplicity of a cloud-first strategy blind you to […]

Understanding AWS Cost Metrics: Do You Have a True Cost Metric?

Understanding AWS Cost Metrics: Do You Have a True Cost Metric?

Not all metrics are created equal, and you need to use the right one to uncover the True Cost of your cloud. AWS has always provided us with a number of different cost metrics, starting with the DBR (Detailed Billing Report) on up through the CUR (Cost and Usage Report). With each item having the full range of cost […]

The Essential Guide to AWS S3 Pricing

The Essential Guide to AWS S3 Pricing

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) promises flexibility, versatility, and scalability, but fail to understand the trade-offs between your S3 pricing choices and prepare for spiraling costs and cloud sprawl. The multitude of S3 options and transfer fees make understanding your choices less simplistic than the S3 name suggests—let Apptio simplify if for you. What is AWS […]

EC2 Memory-Optimized Instances: R5 vs. X1

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Let’s take a look at the R5 and X1 families — the two most popular memory optimized options for AWS EC2. If you’re running enterprise-scale, memory-intensive workloads, such as high performance databases and real-time big data analytics, you’ll need instances that are memory optimized. In extreme cases, you might reach for the High Memory or z1d […]

Immediate Notifications for Spend Anomalies using PagerDuty

Reserved Instances 2018 Update: What Changed Over the Past Year

With our PagerDuty integration, you’ll find out about cloud spend anomalies before they start racking up expensive cloud bills. If something goes wrong with your operations infrastructure, you need to know right away so you can take immediate action. It’s a universal truth of operations — and the whole reason companies like PagerDuty exist. When […]

How Koch Business Solutions Drives FinOps Practice to the Enterprise

How Koch Business Solutions Drives FinOps Practice to the Enterprise

Using Cloudability and adopting FinOps best practices, Koch Business Solutions migrated to cloud and has saved $5 million dollars enterprise-wide. Learn how KBS is leading the charge in the world of enterprise cloud cost optimization. American manufacturing giant, Koch Industries Inc. (KII), moved to cloud in 2017. There was a transformation imperative, and the opportunity […]