Plan and React with Agility at Every Level of the Business

Dynamically manage work, resources, and portfolios – and keep them continuously aligned to strategy:

  • Flexible architecture that adapts to your operating model
  • Rapid time to value for every solution
  • Eliminate financial blind spots by connecting finance teams to Agile programs

Why Targetprocess?

Flexible Architecture

Targetprocess adapts to your organization's operating model – no matter how unique.

Time to Value

Targetprocess Solutions Library minimizes administrative overhead and delivers rapid time to value for every solution.

Holistic Financials

Eliminate financial blind spots by connecting Agile work to holistic financials across the business.

The Only Solution Connecting Holistic Financials to Agile Product Delivery

Apptio’s integrated portfolio makes CFOs and Financial Planners an integral part of the Agile transformation. Financial teams formerly viewed as spending monitors now become investment advisors to product teams and business planners.​

“Having all of that information in there, making sure that everybody is on the same page, making it transparent, making it visible, and then also tying it to our strategic themes and our corporate strategy has given people a sense of how their work is contributing to the success of the company.”

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