Apptio for Service and Application Owners

Service and application owners at Bank of America, Cisco, The Clorox Company, JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, NBCUniversal and other leading enterprises employ Apptio Technology Business Management (TBM) to balance cost and quality of service delivery and demonstrate value and competitiveness.

"In a lot of ways Apptio helps us break the barrier between IT and finance…it really allows us to perform analytics at a level that we weren’t able to before. It allows us to get a lot more granular in the way they were assigning any given cost line item onto a product or service and report on what that looks like throughout the year."

Josh Sparaga
VP Technical Accounts

Deliver Services and Applications at Competitive Price-for-Performance

Understand and communicate the true cost and quality of your services and applications in order to drive discussions and decisions that improve value.

With Apptio TBM, you can:

  • Rationalize and modernize applications based on an accurate understanding of application TCO, business consumption and performance over time.
  • Match or beat industry cost benchmarks by comparing service unit costs against industry peers and cloud providers and reducing those costs over time.
  • Allocate or communicate shared application costs to your consumers based on consumption while providing defensible and transparent costs calculations.
  • Reduce application portfolio costs by comparing application instances and identifying anomalies in infrastructure, support and maintenance costs.
  • Choose the most cost-effective storage model for your applications by understanding the true cost of your storage, optimizing utilization, and analyzing what-if scenarios of different approaches.
  • Standardize and consolidate on the most cost-effective vendors when considering third-party options such as public cloud, MSPs, and outsourcers.
  • Accelerate application sourcing decisions by knowing the true cost of internal applications by modeling changes in cost, utilization, and performance for your infrastructure, applications and services.
  • Assess the business impact of new technologies and other investments by measuring anticipated business demand, translating demand into application requirements, and automating your budgeting process.
  • Plan more confidently with your business partners by monitoring your expenditures and understanding the sources of any variances.
  • Successfully execute your financial plan

Apptio helps you demonstrate that you manage your offering with both technology prowess and business discipline. In helping hundreds of enterprise IT leaders succeed, Apptio is the only TBM software solution provider with the proven knowledge and experience you need.