Apptio for Infrastructure Leaders

CTOs and infrastructure leaders at Bank of America, The Coca-Cola Company, The Clorox Company, DIRECTV, JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, the State of Washington and other leading enterprises employ Apptio Technology Business Management (TBM) to be better enablers of business productivity, cost reduction and revenue growth.

"When we built a shared compute farm, we had to provide the right incentives for adoption. Without broad adoption, we would never exploit the efficiencies promised by our new infrastructure. So we expose our cost advantages through published prices and a monthly bill of IT to encourage our application owners to migrate. I would think this approach is essential for any shared infrastructure provider."
Source: TBM Council

Head of Global Technology Infrastructure
Goldman Sachs

Deliver Infrastructure that Makes a Difference to Your Business

Optimize your infrastructure to best your industry peers and external providers in terms of cost-for-performance and business value.

With Apptio TBM, you can:

  • Match or beat industry cost benchmarks by comparing your unit costs against industry peers and cloud providers and reducing those costs over time.
  • Allocate or communicate shared infrastructure costs to your consumers based on consumption while providing defensible and transparent costs calculations.
  • Reduce application hosting costs through smart rationalization decisions based on the total cost of your applications, the infrastructure and support they consume, and who is using them.
  • Continuously reduce storage and compute costs by choosing the right tiering and policy options and by communicating the cost of excess capacity to consumers.
  • Pick the best time to refresh technologies such as servers and networks based on a full understanding of data center (power, cooling, support) and maintenance costs over time.
  • Standardize and consolidate on the most cost-effective vendors by routinely monitoring the total cost of deployed hardware and software along with other performance metrics.
  • Accelerate sourcing decisions by knowing the true cost of internal infrastructure when considering third-party options such as public cloud, MSPs, and outsourcers.
  • Assess the business impact of new technologies and other investments by modeling changes in cost, utilization, and performance for your infrastructure, applications and services.
  • Plan more confidently with your business partners by measuring anticipated business demand, translating demand into infrastructure requirements, and automating your budgeting process.
  • Successfully execute your financial plan by enabling your service and resource owners to monitor their expenditures and understand sources of variances.

Whether you're tackling an important initiative (e.g., private cloud adoption, application rationalization, data center consolidation) or transforming the way you deliver infrastructure (e.g., to a shared services model), Apptio will prove essential. In helping hundreds of enterprise IT leaders succeed, Apptio is the only TBM software solution provider with the proven knowledge and experience you need.