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TBM for Public-Sector Leaders

Manage the business of government IT

Apptio pioneered Technology Business Management and is the premier provider of TBM applications

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Automated Data and Reporting for Clear Analysis

Your role is to manage agency budgets and allocations by function, as well as maintain end-to-end accountability for internal and external processes. You and the Office of Management and Budget expect visibility into IT spending, as well as the ability to easily and efficiently tie these numbers back to larger agency accounting functions. For example, all federal agencies are required to comply with reporting guidelines based on mandates such as the Office of Management and Budget's Exhibits 300 and 53, PortfolioStat and others. It is critical for you to understand and communicate the alignment of multiple funding sources to the resources that are consuming them. Most importantly, you need a system that will offer you the stability and flexibility to manage IT throughout personnel, taxonomy and administration changes.

Apptio delivers interactive reports and dashboards that cut through the clutter so you can assess IT investment productivity with the same clarity, concision and repeatability of your other agency business areas – without having to re-invent your existing accounting systems or processes. Using Apptio’s suite of TBM applications, your agency can achieve measurable, meaningful and accountable improvements in overall IT decision-making.


Create Transparency with Technology Business Management

  • Common language across IT and financial management
  • Show comprehensive year-over-year spend
  • Illustrate total cost of ownership for agency
  • Present performance vs. costs of individual programs
  • Set agency rules and metrics
  • Track funding sources throughout IT
  • Drive meaningful and defensible reporting
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