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Cost Transparency

Earning Your Role as Preferred Provider of IT Services & Projects

IT departments everywhere bring value to their business by providing technology services and projects. Yet, for many business unit executives, that value is unclear and they have freedom to choose alternate technology suppliers such as cloud providers. IT leaders must rise above operational minutiae to better convey the value of IT services and projects, so business units can become better consumers of IT and help you prioritize investments that drive the most business value.

How IT Transparency Leads to Better Business Outcomes

Hear how TBM Award Winner, CHRISTUS Health, created new levers for cost savings and cost avoidance in order to contain IT spending and improve IT leverage. By modeling and reporting on the TCO of 1,200 applications, they were able to identify spend per service category and applications on a monthly basis. This helped tie a $60 million growth in application spend to increased demand for resources, leading to more productive C-suite conversations about consumption.

Across the Business, KeyBank Creates Strategic Partnerships

Kim Manigault, EVP and CFO, Technology & Operations at KeyBank, and Amy Brady, Key Bank CIO, EVP Technology & Operations Executive, held leadership roles at the same nationwide bank before they joined KeyBank. In addition, they both came to KeyBank with the same idea: elevate the relationship between Finance, IT and the KeyBank business units into a business partnership across the bank.


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