Designed for
Technology Business


The World-Class Suite of SaaS Applications Built to Enable Modern IT Leaders to Manage the Business of IT

Apptio Was Built for Technology Business Management

Apptio pioneered the discipline of Technology Business Management (TBM) and we're the premier provider of TBM SaaS applications. Our platform integrates next-generation analytics, robust data handling, and pre-defined TBM process applications into a unified suite built specifically for the modern IT leader.

Hit the Ground Running with SaaS Applications for TBM

Kickstart Your TBM Initiative with Zero Capital Investment
  • Minimal startup and ongoing maintenance costs
  • Rapid time-to-value without derailing other IT projects
  • Robust data protection and access control

Modern Analytics for the Modern IT Leader

State-of-the-Art Technologies Integrated into a Single Platform for TBM
  • Built-in transforms refine and join data with no DBA
  • Inference engine creates ERDs on-the-fly
  • In-memory calculation engine for real-time analysis

Craves Data You Already Have

We Thrive on Your Misaligned, Dirty Data
  • Guidance to find the right data
  • Built-in facilities to clean and refine your data
  • Easily integrate custom data

360° View: All of IT

Cost Analytics for Your Entire IT Business: Public, Private, Hybrid, On-Premises, Managed, etc.
  • Not limited to a subset like cloud, helpdesk, or projects
  • Uses cost, billing, and operational data from any source
  • Covers Infrastructure, Labor, Vendors, and more

Beyond Static Reports

Interactive Reports Answer Unexpected Questions On-the-Fly
  • Slicers, pivots, drilldowns let you explore the data
  • In-memory costing engine pre-calculates metrics
  • Intuitive custom reports for casual users

Less Busywork: Spend More Time on What Matters Most

Automated & Repeatable so You Can Focus on Insights Instead of Spreadsheet Drudgery
  • Define allocations and mappings, then automate monthly
  • Automated uploads for data freshness and accuracy
  • Reports are ready when you are

Tailored to Your IT Business

Pre-Defined Models can be Fully Customized or Replaced to Match Your Unique Business Needs
  • Easily onboard custom data sources
  • Analyze non-cost metrics such as power, utilization, etc.
  • Fully customize every rule or allocation method

Copes Well with Change

Gracefully Adapts to Source Data or Business Model Changes to Drive Decision Agility
  • Data model limits ripple effects of source data changes
  • Time-aware cost model handles changing allocations
  • Isolates customizations so upgrades are easy