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Manage the Economics of IT Services & Projects

SaaS applications that help you better manage the economics of your projects, applications, and services so you can align spend to investments that deliver business value and drive growth. Every day, IT leaders like you deliver projects and services to run and expand your organization’s business. But without insights into costs, demand and capacity, it’s easy to get bogged down in operational minutiae and budget constraints of run-the-business service delivery, often to the detriment of business innovation. That's where Apptio comes in.

Apptio Vendor Insights

The IT vendor landscape is becoming increasingly fragmented as IT organizations shift spending to cloud-based providers at the expense of traditional vendors and outsourcers. In this new normal, existing vendor management and procurement structures are no longer adequate.

Predictions 2017: CIOs Push for Speed Amid Volatility

Why read this report 

Customer obsession is paramount for business success. With customers having more power than ever, a dynamic only accelerating, it is imperative that CIOs get ahead of the curve. This involves making key decisions that will help your company provide the necessary technology to win, serve, and retain customers. This report highlights the three key predictions for 2017:


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