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Bringing Clarity to IT Costs for Berkley Technology Services

Moving towards a cohesive and collaborative system, Berkley Technology Services (BTS) enhanced the IT allocations methodology while changing the conversation from costs to value. Implementation of their TBM system helped shape the decision making process by providing transparency into accurate information. Showing the value of IT at a granular level and explaining what services contributed to driving the expenses in each business enabled better analysis and an increased rate of innovation and growth. 



How TBM Helped Maritz’ CIO Deliver Competitive IT Services and Earn the Trust of His Business Partners From IT Departments to IT as a Business

Maritz CIO Gerry Imhoff used TBM methodology and tools to accomplish a nearly 40% reduction in the corporate IT budget. At the same time, TBM was used to support a decentralization strategy, yielding surprising results. Giving his customers, the VPs of finance and technology in each of the Maritz businesses, access to Apptio Cost Transparency changed the dynamic, enabling IT’s shift to service provider and improving trust in Imhoff’s organization.

Demystifying IT Elevates Cargill Team to Leadership Role

In the last couple of years, Cargill has brought all of its IT spend into global IT owned and managed service lines. Global financial data is pulled together to create a service-oriented bill of IT that has shifted conversations with the business to value vs. cost. Now, Apptio IT Planning is helping the team push accountability to business owners, promoting a focus on value creation and innovation instead of the cost of the IT bill. New efforts to plan and forecast in real-time are helping the team evolve from order takers to innovative leaders within the organization.


How TBM Drives Business Strategy at Royal Bank OF Scotland

For Royal Bank of Scotland, the TBM team was formed to understand and effectively map technology cost to business consumption of that technology. Today, TBM underpins strategic decision-making and is driving front and center of cost takeout aligned with business objectives. Application rationalization is more effectively considered for all related costs and across the entire stack that supports the application, enabling the business to look at every facet of cost reduction and make decisions about priorities based on complete information.

Through Company Separation, TBM Enables Speed and Agility at Xerox

TBM provides the lens to enable real-time decisions during the year and provides a fact-based baseline to accelerate work at Xerox. With TBM as a foundation for readily-available cost metrics, Xerox IT can support a planned $2.4 billion in savings, was able to quickly and accurately evaluate and optimize the separation into two companies, and has become a partner to the business units in making technology decisions.

How Nomura's Global Cost Model Shapes Business Demand

To address growth in its cost base accelerated by acquisitions, Nomura wholesale services uses TBM to give each business unit a service view into its IT consumption, costs and choices. IT Global Finance links regional cost models into a consolidated global view to help the business accelerate market strategies, application build-or-buy decisions, and manage consumption. Choices by the business drove a 35% reduction in physical servers.


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