Computer Business Review - February 12, 2015
Apptio, a cloud-based Technology Business Management software provider, has announced the integration of Microsoft Azure billing data into its Apptio Cost Transparency application. Apptio is now partnered with both AWS and Microsoft Azure and can offer views of public cloud data in the context of overall IT spend. link_icon - February 11, 2015
In 2014 Apptio announced the release of their Cost Transparency (CT) program for business units. And coupled within their newly released planning application this has become a powerful piece of software for shared service providers. It is not a major release except in one important aspect. Previously it was possible to identify what spend individual departments were making with AWS services in the cloud and this functionality has now been extended to Azure. This will allow businesses to compare their spending between the two leaders in cloud storage services. link_icon
Information Week - February 10, 2015
Apptio, which has been capturing and analyzing Amazon Web Services billing data, recently added the same capabilities for Microsoft Azure cloud. Its Cost Transparency for Azure software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering came out of beta to become generally available Feb. 4. First American participated in Apptio's beta release of Cost Transparency for Azure and influenced the final direction it took before its general release. link_icon
PR Newswire - February 09, 2015
Apptio®, the leading provider of cloud-based Technology Business Management (TBM) software, today announced integration of Microsoft AzureTM billing data into its Apptio Cost Transparency (CT) application. Coupled with its earlier AWS integration, Apptio now provides one of the most comprehensive views of public cloud data in the context of overall IT spend.  By enabling enterprises to monitor how the consumption of public cloud services is shaping overall IT costs, resulting model and the analyses are presented in a set of metrics, KPIs, and reports that can be understood by both technology and business leaders. link_icon
The Wall Street Journal - February 04, 2015
Something strange is happening in the technology industry’s capital: Silicon Valley is starting to like Microsoft Corp. That sentiment has been rare in the Bay Area and at other startup hubs, where for years many techies either ignored Microsoft as a has-been or sidestepped it in fear the company would hew to a former tactic of crushing young rivals. link_icon
425 Business - January 30, 2015
Driving along I-405, the Bellevue skyline comes into focus and drivers catch a glimpse of countless Seattle Seahawks signs and flags that adorn many downtown office buildings. Inside these office buildings several blue-and-green clad employees celebrate their team each workweek. link_icon
CIO Insight - January 20, 2015
All IT organizations perform current cost analyses, but what value do they really provide? Favorable outcomes of IT cost analysis can include better decisions, accelerated decision making, changing the conversation with the business department, influencing behavior, and improving reporting by making it more efficient, according to technology business management firm Apptio. These results involve persuasion–getting people on the same page and inciting action. link_icon
Bloomberg Businessweek - January 13, 2015
The CIO’s role is changing quickly in a world where the spread of mobile devices and Internet-based programs is resulting in a more employee-led approach to new technology. Companies’ top information-technology executives now must track the use of workers’ own devices and applications and decide which of these programs to roll out companywide. That’s a break from the past, when they had more control over evaluating what software and hardware to buy before it reached the staff. link_icon
Puget Sound Business Journal - January 12, 2015
Apptio, a Bellevue IT software maker, has been on a meteoric rise ever since the company was founded seven years ago. It outgrew its old building in January 2013, and now the company is already gobbling up additional space in its new building at 11100 N.E. Eighth St. in Bellevue. The company has 575 employees and has raised $130 million in funding as it helps major corporations like Cisco and Goldman Sachs manage IT expenses. Apptio has long been rumored to be approaching an IPO. The move would inject cash into the business and fuel future expansion, not that it needs the help. link_icon
Puget Sound Business Journal - January 08, 2015
Apptio CEO Sunny Gupta said this week he's not interested in taking his company public right now, despite many rumors to the contrary. IPO watchers have been anticipating filings from Apptio for years, but Gupta said it's not something they think about inside the company all that often. link_icon