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What do Apptio products do?

Earning Your Role as Preferred Provider of IT Services & Projects

IT departments everywhere bring value to their business by providing technology services and projects. Yet, for many business unit executives, that value is unclear and they have freedom to choose alternate technology suppliers such as cloud providers. IT leaders must rise above operational minutiae to better convey the value of IT services and projects, so business units can become better consumers of IT and help you prioritize investments that drive the most business value.

Demystifying IT Elevates Cargill Team to Leadership Role

In the last couple of years, Cargill has brought all of its IT spend into global IT owned and managed service lines. Global financial data is pulled together to create a service-oriented bill of IT that has shifted conversations with the business to value vs. cost. Now, Apptio IT Planning is helping the team push accountability to business owners, promoting a focus on value creation and innovation instead of the cost of the IT bill. New efforts to plan and forecast in real-time are helping the team evolve from order takers to innovative leaders within the organization.


How TBM Drives Business Strategy at Royal Bank OF Scotland

For Royal Bank of Scotland, the TBM team was formed to understand and effectively map technology cost to business consumption of that technology. Today, TBM underpins strategic decision-making and is driving front and center of cost takeout aligned with business objectives. Application rationalization is more effectively considered for all related costs and across the entire stack that supports the application, enabling the business to look at every facet of cost reduction and make decisions about priorities based on complete information.

Manage the Economics of IT Services & Projects

SaaS applications that help you better manage the economics of your projects, applications, and services so you can align spend to investments that deliver business value and drive growth. Every day, IT leaders like you deliver projects and services to run and expand your organization’s business. But without insights into costs, demand and capacity, it’s easy to get bogged down in operational minutiae and budget constraints of run-the-business service delivery, often to the detriment of business innovation. That's where Apptio comes in.

Apptio Vendor Insights

The IT vendor landscape is becoming increasingly fragmented as IT organizations shift spending to cloud-based providers at the expense of traditional vendors and outsourcers. In this new normal, existing vendor management and procurement structures are no longer adequate.


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