Apptio Unveils Spring Release 2011

We’re at the Forrester IT Forum today and are very excited to announce the launch of “Spring Release 2011” which has been many months in the making. All of Apptio’s development efforts are driven directly by customer feedback and our Spring Release is no exception. In particular, Apptio partnered closely with Swiss Re, one of the world’s largest re-insurers and financial services provider, to build out our new demand-management capabilities. Increasingly, many of our most mature customers are looking at their IT infrastructure in the context of a traditional supply chain. Just as manufacturers two decades ago embraced new methodologies such as Lean Manufacturing and “Just in Time” to better match the supply of raw materials with expected demand, forward thinking CIOs are beginning to look at IT through this lens. By closely managing both the dynamic of supply and demand, these CIOs can become even more closely aligned with their business partners and ensure that they don’t unnecessarily over provision for services.

 In addition to these new capabilities, Apptio has also introduced a number of other new features that aim to help CIOs make smarter, fact-based decisions about their IT spend, including:

  • Demand & Resource Planning
  • Vendor Management
  • Data Confidence Index
  • Transparency Accelerators
  • Powerful User Interface Enhancements

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