Apptio Customers Honored in Computerworld’s Premier 100 IT Leaders

Computerworld recently released its Premier 100 IT Leaders awards, honoring some of today’s most innovative leaders in the IT industry. This year, the editors at Computerworld stressed that despite the economic turmoil which has plagued the business world over the past few years, these 100 IT leaders have continued to innovate and deliver business value. What’s more, we’re proud to point out that several Apptio CIO customers are featured among this year's honorees.

While each of these individuals use Apptio for different purposes, they all look to Apptio as an increasingly important decision support engine. For example, Debe Gash, CIO for St. Luke’s Health System has been using Apptio to help her organization climb out of a serious budget crisis. Between 2007 and 2008, IT costs at St. Luke’s rose by 16 percent, which had a direct impact on the organization’s profit margins. She realized her team needed a new way to analyze the entire IT budget to identify cost cutting opportunities. “I didn’t have the systems in place to properly account for where the money was going and to analyze where in IT operations we could cut cost,” she said. Using Apptio as a way to gain transparency into IT costs, Gash was able to take a budget that was growing by 16% per year and turn it into an 8% budget reduction in just one year.

Bernie McVey, CIO for Northrop Grumman brings an interesting perspective to his position having also served as CFO and also finds himself steering a major transformation initiative. One of the world’s largest aerospace and defense companies in the world, Northrop Grumman’s IT environment is to say the least, highly complex. Adding to this complexity are dozens of corporate acquisitions that need to be integrated into a cohesive whole. Bernie’s financial background means that he’s coming to this challenge from a true business perspective. As he noted at our last TBM Council: “we really looked at our supply chain around IT with an eye towards narrowing the number of key players there [to optimize our IT spend].  But like the others on this call, we also see this as a journey towards delivery of IT services.”

Our congratulations go out to all of the honorees. And we expect to see many more Apptio customers on this and other prominent industry lists in the years to come.