The Amazing (Apptio) Race

It’s no secret that we’re a competitive bunch here at Apptio. At our most recent company event, we were collectively introduced to “GeoTeaming” which as the name implies, is a hybrid activity that combines “geocaching” and team building (and, as I learned, a whole lot of running).

I joined the company in October and we had just crossed the 100-person threshold. Six months later, we’re at 150 employees and so this was a fun way to get to know some unfamiliar faces, get outside, and explore the greater Bellevue area. We were divided into ten teams, outfitted with a backpack full of gear, and had an hour to accumulate the most “caches”. The team who collected the highest dollar value of caches would carry home the coveted GeoTeaming title (and iPod Shuffles). Team Pink, captained by our CMO Chris Pick would eventually prevail by finding 18 caches in one hour. Smells funny, doesn’t it?

A complete set of the team photos can found here.