The 10th CIO TBM Council: Lessons Learned

The 10th CIO TBM Council hosted by Apptio was our most well attended Council event thus far, with over 210 CIOs and IT executives joining the discussion from around the globe. Like past Council meetings, IT transformation was the foundational theme and featured CIOs and IT leaders from organizations such as Microsoft, Hilton Worldwide, First American, and Cisco discussing how they are applying TBM in the real world. While the discussion was wide ranging, some key themes emerged from the three hour event which is relevant to any organization who finds themselves on the journey of IT transformation. Some of these lessons include:

  • Establish a Standardized IT Services Taxonomy: Regardless of maturity level, many of the presenters and Council members emphasized the importance of establishing a standardized taxonomy to clearly define a services portfolio. While this can be a time-consuming effort, all of the speakers agreed that this exercise was foundational to their overarching TBM initiatives and an important first step towards embracing a services transformation and funding strategic “Change the Business” initiatives.
  • The Cloud is Forcing CIOs to Embrace IT-as-a-Service: The cloud has fundamentally changed the way business users think about procuring IT services. Consequently, the CIO must adapt to this new reality and re-think the paradigm of how their IT services portfolio should be delivered. As one speaker noted, “the business doesn’t care about IT – what they care about is getting capabilities faster, which they can consume easier.”
  • Financial Transparency is the New “Lingua Franca”: Many of the presenters indicated that financial transparency was not just the platform of their TBM efforts but also works as the “lingua franca” that serves as a functional bridge between IT and the business. One presenter noted that “financial transparency is the new currency between IT and the business” and that all IT agility initiatives must start with financial transparency. “Until you can show the business what the cost/value trade-offs are of a given investment, you can’t truly call yourself agile.”
  • IT Vendor Management Gets Strategic: As IT environments grow increasingly ‘hybridized,’ the strategic management of IT vendors is becoming a key functional requirement for CIOs whose budgets continue to shrink. This is driving CIOs to adopt new methodologies that will enable them to objectively evaluate and measure vendors as they become more strategic to delivering capabilities to the business.

If you'd like to listen to the entire Council event or download the presentations, register to join for the Apptio Community. Qualified CIOs and other IT executives are also invited to join the CIO TBM Council and participate in the 11th CIO TBM Council on June 7, 2012.