Apptio Technology Business Management IT Platform

The Apptio platform provides a secure and robust foundation for our applications and delivers important functionality for Technology Business Management.

Built on an enterprise-grade SaaS architecture, our platform provides capabilities like single sign-on to integrate with your enterprise directory, role-based access control and data encryption to allow secure access to your data and reports, and Apptio's high-performance calculation engine for real-time data analysis and model manipulation.

The Apptio platform also gives you data integration and management, visual cost and usage modeling, and self-service analytics—enabling you to more easily transform raw data into information and insights.

Data Integration and Management

Other approaches place the burden for acquiring, cleaning and managing your data on you. In contrast, Apptio makes it easy to extract, transform and correlate data from your internal and external sources:

  • Securely gather and prepare your data with Apptio Datalink—no more manually loading data into spreadsheets or BI tools.
  • Automatically discover relationships between disparate data sources with Apptio's Inference Engine—a function that would otherwise require DBA skills and time.
  • Continue to use your models and reports even as you change or add data sources—Apptio's Adaptive Data Management flexes over time.

With what many customers call "a DBA in a box," our data management capabilities mean you will no longer need to expend database or business intelligence resources on your IT analytics. You can focus on getting value from your data, not putting more time into it.

Visual Modeling

Inflexible approaches for analyzing your data and calculating metrics come with an expiration date. So we took a different approach: we allow you to visually model your costs and other resources and easily modify models when needed. Our visual modeling allows you to:

  • Depict the flow of costs and other resources such as floor space, power, cooling, storage, server/compute, and labor (hours).
  • Calculate the true costs of your services and applications and illustrate who and what drives those costs.
  • Provide drill-downs in your reporting to answer questions like why an application costs so much or how is your storage being consumed.
  • Build and link multiple models and use their metrics together in your reports to answer complex questions

To help you start quickly, we provide predefined, best-practice models that you can customize, or you can start from scratch.

Self-Service Analytics

The insights you create with Apptio only matter if people use them to make decisions. For this, we provide self-service analytics that are easy to use by non-power users. With our self-service analytics, you can:

  • Provide an interface that is familiar to your Microsoft Office users—with proper controls and the ability to collaborate.
  • Create a rich analytics experience for your decision makers, powered by a high-performance, in-memory architecture.
  • Build reports and dashboards from multi-dimensional data using familiar interfaces like pivot tables and ribbons for report design and navigation.
  • Exploit advanced capabilities including what-if scenarios and the ability to drill-through all layers of your model, enabling detailed analysis at all levels of your enterprise.

With Apptio, you can help others answer important questions when they want and avoid being the bottleneck that is common in many organizations.