IT Business Insights with Apptio

Rich Analytics of Cost, Capacity Utilization and Consumption

Knowing your true costs helps you make broad decisions about efficiency. However, many opportunities to improve are hidden in the details of cost, capacity utilization and consumption. When combined, these data sets enable service, infrastructure and application owners to make informed cost, quality and capacity tradeoff decisions. Apptio Business Insights delivers deeper insight into your IT business by integrating cost, capacity utilization data and other metrics so you can improve and demonstrate efficiency, justify new investments and accelerate decisions.

Apptio Business Insights Options

Analyze your infrastructure cost-for-quality

Gain deep insight into your infrastructure business including cost, capacity utilization and performance to demonstrate efficiency, justify investment and accelerate decisions.

Understand your application TCO and cost drivers

Assess your application portfolio costs and detailed cost drivers – including projects, infrastructure, tickets and more – to inform investment and rationalization decisions.

"Before Apptio, we couldn’t monitor and analyze the costs of network utilization. Now we can. We can anticipate the spikes, identify the most cost-effective ways to handle for them, put those preparations in place, and avoid outages."

Kyle Richardson
Business Systems Analyst

Infrastructure Insights

Apptio provides rich analytics that combine infrastructure costs, utilization and performance

Infrastructure Insights gives you deep insight into your infrastructure by combining cost, capacity utilization and performance metrics so you can improve and demonstrate efficiency, justify investments and accelerate decisions.

  • Understand the costs and cost drivers of your towers including compute, storage, network, public and private cloud, services desk, and end-user computing
  • Analyze the fully-burdened costs of your infrastructure with breakouts by individual assets, asset relationships (e.g., storage by application), and asset class or attribute (e.g., OS version, vendor)
  • Understand the impact of BYOD policies by evaluating the cost of supporting those devices and delivering enabling infrastructure
  • Make better decisions about the mix of public cloud, virtual infrastructure and dedicated physical infrastructure by analyzing the true cost, utilization and performance of each
  • Make smarter decisions about re-tiering and reclaiming storage and defining storage policies to reduce both capital and operating expenditures down the road
  • Make better decisions about when to refresh infrastructure and how to consolidate or modernize your data centers
  • Get more value from your systems management and service desk data such as Microsoft System Center, ServiceNow, VMware vCenter, BMC Atrium and Remedy, and Symantec Altiris by freeing them from their silos and combining with cost data to expose new ways to drive efficiency without sacrificing needed quality

Application Insights

Apptio reveals your application TCO including run and development costs with breakouts and drill downs

Application Insights reveals your application portfolio costs and detailed cost drivers – including projects, infrastructure, tickets and more – to inform application investment and rationalization decisions.

  • Review run and development costs for your applications through a single dashboard that provides drill down into their run costs and development costs
  • Analyze the run costs of your applications including those driven by servers (compute), storage, projects, support tickets and cost pools (e.g., software, labor, maintenance, facilities)
  • Support application rationalization and portfolio management decisions with clear facts about costs, cost drivers and business consumption
  • Understand and compare your application unit costs such as per user or per license (used and unused)
  • Analyze your application development costs by project, application family, and software development lifecycle (development, test, production)

Accelerate Decision-making with Best Practices

Apptio Business Insights embeds best practices based on over 150 Apptio customers and lessons learned from the Technology Business Management Council, a group of more than 900 business, technology and finance leaders focused on defining the standards for running the business of IT. These best practices include a standard taxonomy for IT towers and services, cost modeling and allocation methods, report definitions and more. Only Apptio can bring you cost transparency know-how of this magnitude and quality.

Get Started Quickly

Nearly every Apptio customer, regardless of size, maturity or industry, doubted they had what it takes to properly cost their IT towers, applications or services. Usually they lacked good data. Other times they didn't have the right know-how.

We showed each customer how to overcome these obstacles quickly and gain insights they often thought were not possible. We can do the same for you.